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5 steps to Reuse Styrofoam

1.Do not purchase styrofoam in the first place. Try to use other alternatives which are more biodegradable. For example, when you can buy eggs in either cardboard or styrofoam, choose to buy the cardboard-packaged eggs.

2.When you receive styrofoam pellets in the form of packaging, reuse them in the next package you will be sending out.This way, you are not creating any more demand for styrofoam products. If you have no packaging use coming up soon, take your styrofoam peanuts to a nearby packaging store and donate them.

3.One of the best uses for styrofoam peanuts or the big pieces of foam in which televisions are packed, is for potted plants. The peanuts are easy. Tumble them into a planter and use instead of heavy rocks for drainage. They work perfectly. Also if you have huge planters it makes them that much lighter. If you don't have peanuts, just break up the formed packaging foam into your pot. It is messy with little beads going loose.

4.If the above tips will not keep your styrofoam discards to an absolute minimum, you might investigate solvents which can be used to safely break down your styrofoam. Pure orange rind oil, d-Limonene, is known to work.

Pour biodegradable solvent into a large container.

Add styrofoam to the container. The solvent will slowly break down the styrofoam.

The resulting liquid will be very sticky and is perfect for use as a permanent glue around the house.

5.Keep unneeded styrofoam in a trash bag until it is full, then take it to your local Zip & Ship or similar shipping store. They will usual accept free offers of your styrofoam and re-use it for packing.