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All kinds of waste plastic identification method

Senses identification: soft, white and transparent, but transparency, there is often an adhesive tape and the printed word.(note: tape and printed words is inevitable, but must control their content, because these will affect the price in the market)
Identification: combustion flame under the yellow blue; The smell of burning anthracite, paraffin, molten drop, easy to wire drawing.

Sensory identification: soft surface;(but stretch toughness than LDPE, feel sticky surface without glue);White, transparent, high transparency, sensory and feel similar to PVC membrane is should pay attention to distinguish.
Identification: combustion with LDPE same smells of paraffin slightly sour; Combustion flame under the yellow blue; Smokeless combustion. Molten drop, easy to wire drawing. Note: this product is a kind of PE a, price with LDPE, can be used for the regeneration granulation, quality same as the PE.

Sensory identification: white to transparent compared with LDPE high transparency, rubbing from time to tome noise.
Identification: combustion flame under the yellow blue, smell like oil, the molten drop, no black smoke during burning.

PET film
Sensory identification: this product is white transparent, feel is a hard, rub your sound.Look like PP.
Identification: combustion of black smoke from time to time, fire with fire phenomenon, char combustion material surface after dark look, finger knead after burning the dark look of carbonized material, carbide powder.

PVC film
Sensory identification: look very like EVA but flexible.
Identification: burning smoke during burning, namely from the fire, burning on the surface of a dark look, no molten dripping phenomenon.