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Currently produced around the world every year and 5.8 million tons of polystyrene foamed plastic waste, which produce about 1.8 million tons per year in China, except a few developed coun

tries, other countries have not been effective recycling of waste PS foam materials.

According to incomplete statistics, at present in the Nordic countries and Japan PS foamed plastics recycling utilization rate is 72%, South Korea PS foamed plastics recycling utilization rate is 64%, while other countries and regions, PS foam plastics recycling util


ization rate was only about 10-30% in our country, due to the recovery mechanism is not perfect enough, lead to 70% buried or burned, only about 30% recycled, most waste polystyrene material has

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not been effective recovery and utilization, caused serious environmental pollution. Serious resource crisis and environmental pollution, forcing we must increase the resource recycling and reusing, recycling and utilization of green development road.