Common proble

ms in EPS recycling processing

EPS foam as a thermal insulation material, the prospect is good, and it also has a recycling market.

The pro


blem of recycling the eps is always how to reduce its volume, it has a little pollution. It is mainly used in computer box and other packaging materials, if the technology problem of defoaming process did not solve, there may be some problems. The original color is white, but the color will be yellow after recovery processing granulation, if you wa


nt to try to reduce the yellow color before granulation. You should choose good raw material first, will not be born residues, and white degree of EPS together very good processing granulation, so that better whiteness of particles, in addition, before granulation, will not be too clean with wet cloth to wipe clean raw material, so, to deal with the raw material, and a kind of method, can be in the process of granulation, a better quality of join titanium white HIPS grinding material to increase the whiteness. In this way, the processing of white EPS granules can be used for foaming, production of plastic products.