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EPS ball using

The ball comes in a wide variety of sizes from small,Tetra Pak Recycling Company, baseball sized pieces to massive globes for bigger projects.?The ?is another form of EPS product that you can use when necessary for different projects. If you are someone who likes to create things, then these uniquely shaped EPS materials are fantastic tools to get you started with your creative venture. ?For insanely big spheres, you might need to get the help in creating those massive pieces. Nonetheless, you understand that there are so many possibilities in the EPS ball,Polystyrene Cup Recycling Company, no matter how big or small it may be.


As holiday ornaments


Small Christmas balls can be very expensive especially the ones made from glass and embellished. You can opt to create your very own ornaments using the EPS ball. Simply buy several EPS balls and then start thinking of designs. You can opt for similar shapes but you can also go with different designs. Draw the designs using pencil and from there, you can start putting the pieces together. It is ideal to use glue for this project. Apply the glue layer by layer until you finish the design. Do not forget to place a piece of cord on the EPS ball so that you can hang it on the tree as ornament.


For set design


For theatrical productions, the can also be used. There are so many crafts that can be done like creating massive moons, or other unique things. It is all about being creative that one can find amazing things to do with the .