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Polystyrene EPS in domestic development is swift and violent, widely used in various shockproof packaging, construction, decoration, tableware, etc. But the EPS packaging mostly belongs to the one-time consumables, abandoned after is not easy to break down, caused great pollution to the environment. Therefore, the development of the EPS recycling, resurrection, regeneration has become the current EPS packaging industry the most pressing issue. For EPS waste recycling in China in recent years has been the attention of the relevant departments, the government departments to strengthen macro guidance and orderly management, corresponding laws and regulations to guide and policy support policy releasing, the people of resources and environmental protection consciousness, as a whole, China EPS recycling has made no small achievement. For example, XPS and EPS processed waste production has become the main way of domestic EPS recycling.

The recycling of waste polystyrene foam plastic products, not only can protect the environment, save energy, but also has the very good economic benefits.

At present, there are several methods to recycle waste eps as follows:

1.Burning.This method was then, covers an area of, and does not produce benefits.

2. As a fuel for burning; This method can generate heat, but big investment.

3. Use of EPS recycling granulation equipment, after thermal regeneration granulation, EPS recycled into PS particles. Then heating can also be used  in foaming agent, flame retardant and nucleating agent such as additives, the processing system of XPS, widely used in building materials. At present, the recycling technology in domestic has been widespread promotion, and become one of the main ways to EPS recycling.

4. Chemical recycling, waste EPS decomposition into monomer, compound, fuel, such as reusable components, make EPS recycling real closed-loop process. This method has the following advantages: decomposition of chemical raw materials the quality can be comparable to the new material; In addition it has a lot of potential in processing waste recycling can be realized and can achieve real governance EPS pollution to the environment. Has potential for industrialization in current chemical recycling process is cracking, vaporization, hydrogenation, paralysis. Although chemical recovery from the reaction mechanism is not new, but to all into the practical application, there are many engineering problems need to solve.

as adding material after broken, used to make lightweight thermal insulation building materials, such as EPS lightweight concrete, cement polystyrene board, EPS foam EPS lightweight hollow brick and roof insulation board, etc., its characteristic is made full use of EPS foam plastic excellent adiabatic performance.

Pictures of other methods, such as manufacturing with rust antirust paint, manufacture multi-function resin adhesive, anti-seepage leak proof agent, strengthening agent used as asphalt, etc.