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Foam plastic recycling

Polystyrene foam plastics can be useful in polystyrene bead moulding.It is used in home appliances such as foam plastic packaging or frozen food packaging. There are a few li riceses leave using polystyrene beads injection. These plastic products attach special attentions in China.

The main ways of polystyrene foam plastic recycling are: reduction after granulation, after smashing used for all kinds of filling materials, pyrolysis oil or recovery of styrene and others.

Capacity reduction after granulation, polystyrene foam plastics can melt extrusion granulation of recycled aggregate, but so bulky, defecate transportation, usually during recycling to reduce capacity first. There are kinds of methods, such as mechanical method, solvent method and heating method.

Used as filler after crushing, polystyrene foam plastic products after grinding can be used as filler, made from a variety of products.

(1) To mold into foam plastics
(2) concrete composite board products
(3) plaster sandwich brick
(4) is used as the asphalt enhancer
(5) used as a soil modifier

Pyrolysis oil or recovery of styrene, waste polystyrene foam plastic pyrolysis oil installation methods are as follows

Polystyrene foamed plastic waste pretreatment reduce styrene distillation for catalytic cracking of heat treatment

Other, waste polystyrene foam plastics can be used in the manufacture of coating and adhesive, etc

1) coating, polystyrene foam plastics to join the appropriate solvent paint can be made after crushing, process is as follows
Packing, colorant
PS, ethyl acetate against research research produced
Ethanol, dibutyl, ring should be filter reaction kettle grinding filter products
Oxygen resin, butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber kettle
(2) adhesive, esters and mixed solvent of benzene class, join the waste polystyrene foam plastic, the precipitation agent, plasticizer, phenolic resin and other additives, can be made for cement, steel, wood coatings.
(3) bromide brominated polystyrene flame retardants, adopting two aluminium chloride as catalyst, the waste polystyrene with bromine electrophilic substitution reaction was brominated polystyrene, bromine content of 60% to 70%, PET, ABS, and thermoplastic plastics flame retardants such as nylon. Brominated polystyrene and cheap, flame retardant effect and good thermal stability, dosage of five copies (quality) can have obvious flame retardant effect. With antimony trioxide and use, has good flame retardant synergistic effect.