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Support of the ban on plastic association, says, foam tableware is a kind of safe, green, environmental protection packaging materials. Against the representative of the environmental protection administration retort that under high temperature, polystyrene as the main material of foam tableware are poisonous. Products are green products, while are poisonous, ban on earth is good or bad? Let's take a look at the lunch box in a foreign country is how to use?

Japan: Foamed plastic tableware still use but recycling

They also use white foam lunch box, but the Japanese recycling regulation is very strict, there are many kinds of classified garbage collection. Went to Japan for the supermarket to buy things, want to use a lot of the box, take-away generally will have this kind of box, white foam or black box classification, to close to home, send the past before to clean it, because no clean smell. Japan is also popular now bring their own shopping bags, environmental bags, but most of the supermarket is not mandatory, if not bring, the supermarket is also provided. But, for example, I take an environmental protection shopping bag to buy things, he will be less 2 or 5 yen yen, according to the rules of each supermarket is to give you a little cheaper, encourage guests to use the bring your own shopping bags.

Australia: No one with foamed plastic tableware also no white pollution

: in Australia, everyone prefer to eat French fries and Fried fish, so buy these things, when some western fast food packaging paper bags, a lot of Asian food, like Chinese Fried rice, Fried noodles, either with or without a soup, soup all do as the Romans do use cardboard boxes, the cardboard boxes are not oil or vegetable juice leakage. Of course, a lot of Asian food due to the Asian people's eating habits, with boxes is not in the minority, such as buy Japanese sushi, they used plastic lunch box. I saw all the Japanese sushi lunch box wrote BPFA, is the plastic does not contain bisphenol a, in the local everyone think if contain bisphenol a (bpa) in plastic, bisphenol a in the process of heat will release, is absorbed by food and drink. , of course, I checked some information found that the current academic circles is still controversial, even if the controversial, including all supermarket take-out plastic boxes are marked on the do not contain bisphenol a logo. White foam boxes, I am very sure exactly, is nowhere to be seen in Australia, and no one is using it.