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Happy Time as the Christmas is on the Corner

The happy Christmas Day is coming and there are full of happiness among the whole INTCO. To celebrate this special day, our company have made a Christmas tree and decorate the trees. So we all have a deep feeling of festival atmosphere. But the decorative tree is just a beginning as there are much more surprises.

Our company have a good idea to enhance the communication among different department. So all of people in INTCO have to prepare a gift for another person. We have tried to prepare meaningful gifts, such as China’s traditional painting, Buddhist texts, daily life products, food and so on. All of the staff have a creative idea and gifts for exchange.

Of-course, there are some people who send much to prepare or buy a gift. Some people have bought very famous brand products which are very expensive and meaningful. Meanwhile, some people prepare some gifts which is cheap but full of creativity. So all of us are satisfied with the exchange activity. Of-course, the gift exchange have attracted our attention and we feel happy as the Christmas is coming.
In addition, winter is cold and people don’t have much energy. But the Christmas Day is a mediation for the dull season. People can also relax themselves as much as possible. 

In business, as our customer come from all over the world, we have express our wishes for them with best regard and we also have sent some gifts for them in order to enhance the communication among us. For example, we have make some Christmas card and photos to the customer with our best wishes.
Besides, our company have discounts about our Greenmax machines and we also send some regular customer machines for free as we have a cooperation for a long time. We hope we could feed back some regular customer and we hope our relationship will be last long.

Of-course, we also offer some discount for some customers even we have rare cooperation opportunities.

In a word, the New Year is also on the corner and tomorrow is Christmas, our company think that we should do something for our clients and suppliers.