1) Our American Headquarter was founded in 1993 in California


2) In March 1998, we set up headquarters in mainland China, it is named Shanghai Intco International Trading Co., Ltd. 

3)  In 1999 we set up Greenwood Products Inc in USA, it's engaged in the sale and service of molding and frames art products, also in mirror, glass and other fittings.

4)  In 2000, we adjusted and extended our developing strategy and profiting mode. We strengthened the developing strategy of trade improving industry and industry promoting trade, and set up Shanghai Greenwood Decoration New Material Co., Ltd in Shanghai Fengxian (now renamed as Shanghai Intco Industries Co., Ltd.). We provide a styrofoam recycling solution and reuse waste EPS to produce molding and frame art products and all are sold in America and Europe.

5)  In May 2003, we set up Shanghai Intco Import & Export Co., Ltd., and then set up Intco International Holdings Co., Ltd., Intco International Trading Co., Ltd. and Intco Industries Co., Ltd. in Aug 2003, Sep 2003, Jan 2004, moving a big step to the developing of international holdings group. 

6)  At the end of 2004, we set up Intco Metal Products (zhenjiang) Co., Ltd (now renamed as Zhenjiang Intco Environment Protection Machinery Co., Ltd.) We build efficient R&D, installed automatic producing instruments and assembly lines, improving the quality and professional service to match the needs of international market.

7)  In 2005, we expropriated 2.5 million square feet of land in Zibo, Shandong province of China ,and set up Zibo Intco Framing Products Co., Ltd. Zibo Intco uses Waste EPS to produce macromolecule epispastic molding, photo frames, picture frames, mirror frames and other related products. All products are sold in America, Europe and other foreign markets.

The improvement, grandness and success of Intco today belongs to every staff's excellent efforts, also it is owed to the support and belief of our customers. Intco will try our best to satisfy our customers by providing competitive price, high quality products and best professional services.