The 120th China Import and Export Fair2016-10-24

As a brand of INTCO group, GREENMAX recycling also specialized in global environmental protection included the total solution to polystyrene recycling

INTCO Will Attend The 76th China International Medical Equipment Fair2016-10-21

INTCO is one of the leading disposable medical consumables and medical equipment manufacturers in China. Mainly engaged in disposable gloves, wheelcha

INTCO Supported Shandong Provincial Sports Games2016-09-30

In order to promote the spirit of competitive sports, show construction of spiritual civilization and cultural home, promote Zibo local amateur life,

Recycling Process of Waste Polystyrene Foam2016-09-27

Recycling polystyrene foam, we usually used mechanical recycling method, will compact or hot melt waste polystyrene foam block into blocks so that GRE

INTCO Will Participate In REHACARE 20162016-09-12

Germany international rehabilitation, nursing and disease prevention comprehensive exhibition called "REHACARE", has been successfully held more than

Popularity of Polystyrene Packaging Materials Soared2016-09-05

Recetntly, the German plastics trade group IK participated in an on airpop / EPS (also known as polystyrene foam) packaging image investigation.

Congxigang Came to Visit INTCO Group2016-08-26

On August 22, 2016, Zibo City, United Front Work Department Congxigang came to visit INTCO group in Linzi District, the city Mayor Songzhenbo also att

GREENMAX Machine Will Display In K Show 20162016-08-12

On the K show 2016, INTCO GREENMAX recycling equipment suppliers Co., Ltd., will showcase its latest Styrofoam recycling machine, practice the concept

2016 Economic Social Development And The Scene Reviews 2016-07-18

On July 11, 2016 economic and social development and the scene reviews meeting was held in INTCO environmental protection new plant in Zibo City.

INTCO Will Attend Guangzhou International Building Decoration Fair 20162016-07-12

Great news!!! INTCO will attend Guangzhou International Building Decoration Fair 2016.

The 30th China Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition2016-07-08

The 30th China Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition will be held in July 21- July 24, 2016 21 (4 days) in Shanghai New Int

New Breakthrough To Solve White Pollution2016-06-24

Recently, US scientists announced a breakthrough in degradable polyethylene plastic waste indusry, not only provides a possible new way to solve the p

INTCO Group Will Take a Deep Tour in Korea2016-06-12

INTCO group will bring partners and families a wonderful trip in Korea
Enjoy your double enjoy of vision and taste.

Research Work in Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Company2016-05-23

On 22 May, 2016, the National Development and Reform macro hospital director Yang Chunping and his party came to Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co

The Future Of Plastic Crusher2016-05-16

With the rapid development of society, people's living standard is also rising up, plastic crusher is a new product in machinery industry

Intco Medical and Jiangsu University Built Employment Training Base2016-05-11

INTCO Medical and Jiangsu University built employment training base
On May 5, INTCO cooperated with Jiangsu universities in depth to build the employ

Rio Olympic Trampoline Trials Sponsored By INTCO2016-04-11

Rio Olympic trampoline trials sponsored by INTCO will be held in City Sports Exhibition Center, Zhenjiang on April 9 to 10.

INTCO Was Appraised As The One Of Top 100 Environmental Protection Enterprises2016-04-01

Recently, in the list of top 100 energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises in Shandong Province, the Shandong provincial government energ

Linzi Cultural Industry Development Association visited INTCO 2016-03-25

On March 21, the represents of Linzi District Cultural Industry Development Association visited Shandong Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co., Ltd.

Greenmax Team Will 100% Guarantee The Quality Of Machines2016-02-26

GreenMax machine is a foam compression machine in Intco environmental protection company. Intco Group has two divisions included medical and environme

Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition2016-02-22

From February 23 to 26 in 2016, the 29th session the China - Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition and 2016 Shanghai Intern

Perfect Intco Group Annual Meeting Was Successfully Held2016-02-01

On January 30, 2016, Intco Group held a grand perfect British Branch Group annual meeting in Zibo Shandong.

Did You Experience This New Year Party2016-01-22

Free raffle, free buffet, free to watch the performances. This is not a dream! This is the New Year party that organized by the Intco company in 2016!

The Big Surprise In Intco Group New Year Meeting2016-01-18

Today, the Intco Group have the opportunity to help us realize this childhood dream, as chairman of Intco Group Frank Liu announced that one of Intco

Waste Polystyrene Foam Is Widely Used In All Countries2016-01-15

Most of the waste polystyrene foam is a one-time use, tons of waste white trash were put into nature. They can not rot, transform and disappear natura

Intco Wishes You Happiness Through The Coming Year2016-01-05

In this New Year's time, Intco Greenmax Recycling company extend New Year greetings to waste plastic recycling industry colleagues!

Main Features Of XPS Hot Melt Machine2015-12-28

Extruded polystyrene foam has high density and high mechanical strength. So it must be needed in lots of fields

INTCO Has Been Practicing Innovation2015-12-18

In Intco, Enterprise innovation is fully open, the core competitiveness is high.
Innovation is not limited to the field of science and technology, th

Many Large Companies Invest In The Field Of Waste Recycling In USA2015-12-11

Ron Gonen and Rob Kaplan built CLOSED LOOP FUND, hoping to overcome the obstacles to the recycling of the United States.

Intco Joined In Japanese Tokyo Furniture Fair2015-11-27

IFFT is sponsored by the Japan International Furniture Industry and the revitalization of Frankfurt Japan Inc, which is the largest international furn

Intco Vertical Integration Strategy In EPS Recycling Process2015-11-23

Waste EPS foam recycling has great significance and prospect, but there is a big difficulty in recycling of EPS because its bulk volume and low densit

Intco Attended Chinese Waste Plastics Business Strategy Forum2015-11-13

At present, economic downward is bearing pressure, the bottom is still in exploring, especially the real economy is weakness, many manufacturing indus

Intco Included in the Environmental Protection Industry Key Project2015-11-06

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Commission and the provincial energy conservation office issued a notice that is about circular on key projects of t

Greenmax Recycling Provides Professional Processing With Waste Foam2015-10-30

Waste foam recycling is a kind of paid waste treatment and service life, the professional and regular recycling company stations or companies processe

Agricultural Plastic Recycling in New Zealand 2015-09-25

Agricultural plastic recycling in New Zealand, mainly for farms and vineyards around the country, t agricultural plastics of has accumulated 1743 tons

Waste Plastic Recycling Market is Decline2015-09-18

Wall Street newspaper reported that many boss engaged in recycling industry hanging by a thread, Kelisikelaier CK group advertising director said. Eve

World's Latest Automatic Sorting Technology in Plastic Recycling 2015-09-08

Plastic recycling industry from the initial to the PET bottle to the present various types of plastic recycling, the first face of PET cleaning techno

Synthetic PP Paper Foam is Expected to Replace Conventional Plastic2015-08-27

Environmental protection has always been our common human themes appeal, and the use of plastics could make people feel helpless.

Tianjin Fighting in 8.12 Accident in Tanggu2015-08-13

A terrible noise originally broke the quiet night. Some warm home dissipated in the history of the event with the life loud, and the fierce fire destr

Melt Granulation Process and Progress of the Recovery of Waste PS Foam2015-08-10

Melt granulation is the primary method for recovering PS foam, and most of the waste PS foam recovered by this method. Melt granulation recycle polyst

Greenmax Have Visited Alibaba Group in Hangzhou Recently2015-07-23

As is known, Alibaba International Station provides a one-stop shop decoration, product display, marketing, business management, negotiation and shop

The Customer Come to Greenmax Factory to Visit and Buy Machines2015-07-08

Few days ago, a customer came to Greenmax to have a visit. During the visit period, they get along very well with our salesman and engineers. We talk

PS Recycling Plant Will be Built in Indianapolis2015-07-01

Dart Container Corporation and PRI plastic recycling companies will establish a PS recycling plant. The PS recycling plant will be built in Indianapol

Styrofoam Recycling Compactor Technology Development and Improvement2015-06-26

Engineers are very busy now in Greenmax factory as new technology and products have been upgrading and improving. To provide better and more convenien

PET Bottles Recycling and Greenmax Bottles Recycling Machine Test in Factory2015-06-18

Good barrier properties of PET material makes all kinds of carbonated drinks, fruit juice, milk dairy products, tea drinks, mineral water and other fo

INTCO Huge Greenmax Crusher for PE Foam Have a Test in the Factory2015-06-10

Recently, INTCO factory is busy as a huge foam crusher has been produced and we are having a test. As is known, waste PE foam is lightweight and large

INTCO Extend Heartfelt Respect to All Trapped People in Orient Star2015-06-03

In the evening of June 1, a ship sailed from Nanjing to Chongqing passenger ship “Orient Star” suddenly encountered a tornado and capsized in the midd

Polyethylene Foam Recycling Machine Test in INTCO Factory2015-05-27

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene can be made of polyethylene), which is commonly known as EPE.
EPE is a high-strength buffer and anti-vibration capability

INTCO Have Won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award Achievements2015-05-19

2014 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in May 18, 2015 in Shanghai Exhibition Center Friendship Hall. The city leaders, Hanzh

INTCO Recycling Machines Factory Activities and Group Activities2015-05-13

Recently, INTCO recycling machine factory have been busy testing recycling machines. As is known, quality is the most important point and quality dete

Customers Visited Greenmax Recycling Industry Last Sunday2015-04-29

Now, we know the waste plastic foam are widely used in a lot of fields, such as plastic foam board. The following you could know the use of plastic fo

The United States May Develop New Rules for Recycling Foam2015-04-23

Food Packaging Association President said: “With the growing demand for end-market bubble and foam equipment and process improvements, the grant progr

INTCO New Produced Recycling Machines for Waste Plastic Foam Recycling2015-04-15

Now we often hear that some plastic foam factories burned. The misery happened and some people are injured. So plastic foam have risks without conside

Giant Companies Gather in 2015 NPE2015-03-24

American Plastic Industry Association announced that NPE 2015 international plastics exposition will create opportunities for the Chinese audience. Th

The Factory have Produced and Tested New PE Foam Recycling Machines2015-03-23

Recently, our factory is very busy testing the machine whether they are in good condition. The aim pf this experiment is that we could make some impro

New Designed Greenamx Waste Recycling Machines are in Production2015-03-18

Recently, our salesman are busy visiting our old customers and participating in a big exhibition. The exhibition dynamic will be provided several days

INTCO is Trying to Make a Breakthrough EPS Foam Recycling Machines2015-03-10

This world is changing rapidly and there is no static method in the universal. So trying to make a breakthrough is the law of nature. Decades of years

Greenmax Salesman Go Abroad to Visit Local Market about EPS Foam Recycling2015-03-03

As is known, market condition is very important as people need to know the EPS foam and the local demands and price changes. We are waste EPS foam buy

INTCO Development and Group Annual Meeting2015-02-12

Last week, something happened in INTCO which have followed the rapid development society as new and good functional machines have been produced. In th

GreenMax New Type of Hot Melt Machines Have Been Produced Recently2015-02-04

A new year have been arrived and most manufacturers have some changes. They may make a new strategy and make new plans for a new year’s development.

The American Association of Plastics Industry NPE 2015 Has a Record2015-01-29

According to the American society of plastics industry (SPI) in terms of exhibition space, the NPE in Orlando, Florida, 2015 will be the NPE (internat

Greenmax Machines Provide a Better Way to Handle Waste Plastic Foams2015-01-21

Circular economy is an advocate of the establishment of the constant recycling of material based on the model of economic development, which requires

Green Packaging Materials Will be the Mainstream in the Future2015-01-14

With the concept of low carbon environmental protection has become the main theme of the community, many industrial fields have made low-carbon enviro

INTCO Recycling Have New Aims and Development in 20152015-01-07

The year of 2014 has passed and the past year have happiness and sorrows. But, all staff in INTCO have gained much within the past year.