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Polyurethane is made up of polyisocyanates and polyether polyolor and or small molecules polyolor chain ext

ender agent such as multivariate amine or water or cross linking agent made from raw materials such as polymers. By changing the type and composition of raw materi


als, can drastically change the product configuration and performance; get the final products from soft to hard.

Form has a soft, semi-hard and polyurethane rigid foam, elastomeric main and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomeric (TPU) and thermosetting - much to pouring process CPU), paint coating, adhesive, sealant, synthetic leather coating resin, elastic fiber, etc., are widely used in automobile manufacturing, refrigerator manufacturing, transportation, civil construction, mechanical and electrical, shoe, synthetic leather, fabric, petrochemical, mining machinery, aerospace, medical, agriculture and many other fields.


Polyurethane hard foam body insulation material construction is an important branch of polyurethane industry, its characteristic is a material use, and has heat preservation, waterproof, and other functions.

Polyurethane rigid foam body insulation products has been widely used in the field of building insulation waterproof, and become one of the heat preservation and energy saving products dominate the market. As the integration of building insulation waterproof material, polyur


ethane rigid foam broke the single function of traditional building materials: waterproof thermal insulation, heat preservation is not waterproof, waterproof layer insulation layer once appear leakage lost the common fault of the heat preservation function. Compared with other nonfunctional insulation or waterproof material, polyurethane hard foam has obvious advantages.