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How to Recycle EPE

EPE pearl cotton is crosslinking obturator structure, which is known as EPE foam and a new environmentally friendly packaging materials. It is produced by low-density polyethylene resin composed by numerous independent bubbles. In addition, polyethylene foam also have overcome the ordinary foam rubber brittles deformation and the shortcomings of poor recovery.

epe pearl cotton

EPE pearl cotton have advantages, including good impact resistance and the invariance and so on advantages of buffering effect makes it widely used in high-grade furniture, household appliances, instruments and meters, craft gifts, wood, glass, ceramics, building waterproof, carpet mezzanine, sound insulation, travel bags, precision spare parts, all kinds of pipe heat preservation etc. So it is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials.

melted epe pearl cotton

EPE pearl cotton is a kind of high-strength buffer, seismic capacity of new environmental protection foam materials. It is flexible, qualitative light, flexible, can bend to absorb and disperse external impact force, to achieve the effect of buffer, overcome the ordinary Styrofoam fragile, deformation, the poor resilience. EPE pearl cotton simultaneously with thermal insulation, moisture proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, friction, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and a series of the use of superior features. Join anti-static agent pink EPE raw material, has significant antistatic performance. EPE is a kind of environment-friendly materials and can be recycled. EPE except for packaging may also be used in construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, a wide range.

handled epe pearl cotton

But EPE pearl cotton have pollution if not recollected and reused. So EPE pearl cotton recycling is very important. Meanwhile, INTCO have produced polyethylene foam recycling machines which could handle and recycle waste EPE pearl cotton.