How to recycle Plastic Foam?


There are many plastic foams, for example: expandable polyethylene(EPE), expanded polypropylene(EPP),  and polyurethane(PU). All of them can be recycled.

  plastic foams

Steps of plastic foam recycling:

 plastic foam recycling

1.Collect waste plastic foam

2.Volume reduction, via an Compactor.

3.Ship to recycling company to do the Pelleting;

4.Reuse to make new products


GREENMAX ZEUS Series could compact all kinds of plastic foam:

GREENMAX ZEUS Series could compact

EVA Recycling

EVA Recycling

PE Foam Recycling

The Way Of EPE Recycling

EPP Recycling

The Way Of EPP Recycling

PUR Recycling

The Way Of PUR Recycling