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Porous foamed plastics are also called plastic, resin as the main raw material made of inter

ior has millions of microcellular plastics. Qualitative light, adiabatic, sound-absorbing, shock and corrosion. Widely used for heat insulation, sound insulation, packaging materials, and transport shell, etc.

Developed in the 1960 s the structure of the foam, is characterized by no foam core layer foam, cortex, rigid toughening, than intensity (intensity) in unit mass, high material consumption province, increasingly widely in place of wood used in construction an


d furniture industry. Chemical or radiation cross linked polyolefin foam technology is a success, the great increase in foam plastic production. By blending, filling, and enhance the modified plastic foam, with more excellent comprehensive performance and can meet the needs of the various special purpose. For example in reaction injection molding of glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam plastic, has been used as planes, cars, computers etc. The structure of the components; And filled with hollow glass


beads polybenzimidazole of foam plastic, light and high temperature resistance, has been used in spacecraft.


Points closed type and open type two kinds

Between interconnected pores called open groove plastic foam, open groove of the air hole connected to each other, no floating. Closed to each other as groove plastic foam, closed groove of stomata isolation from each other, there are floating. Commonly used in recycling, bubble screw compressor closed groove foam plastics processing.


Hard and soft two categories

According to the American society for testing and materials standards, in 18 ~ 29 temperature, within the time for 5 s, around 2.5 cm in diameter round bar, if not break, the test sample belongs to soft foam plastics; The opposite is the rigid foam. Foam can be divided into two categories, low foam and high foaming. Will usually foaming ratio (before than after foaming foam volume increases multiples) is less than 5 low foaming, greater than 5 are called high foaming.