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At present, the plastic packaging pollution has brought serious problems to China's economic development and ecological environment. In order to solve the problem of "white pollution", the government, enterprises and the general scientific and technical workers have done a lot of work. Some of them claim to use less, others claim to promote and develop local laws to enforce of degradable plastics.

It has proved that the modern society is closely related to plastic, recycling and reusing the plastic packaging materials is the way to solve "white pollution".

At present, there are many methods to recycle the plastic packaging materials, the first is recycled, the second is to regain raw material or burned for energy, the third is a landfill.

1. The recycling of plastic packaging

Plastic recycling is one of the most active ways of accelerating the use of recycled materials, which no longer has the process of processing. This is a kind of recycling technology, it is effective to save raw material resources and energy, and it also reduce packaging waste production. Kinds of plastic packaging containers are still in good condition after repeated use. The multiplexing technology process is commonly: classification to choose to washing, pickling, alkaline cleaning and disinfection to washing to sodium hydrogen sulfite soaking, washing, wash - 50 drying - to use distilled water.

2. Plastic packaging materials mechanical processing and modification of regeneration

Mechanical processing includes two types. One is direct regeneration and the other is modification regeneration. For direct regeneration, simple technology, convenient operation, easy, and so are more widely application. But because the product is in use in the process of aging and regeneration process of aging, the mechanical properties of the recycled products is lower than the new resin.

3. The chemical degradation of renewable plastic packing materials

Regeneration of this method has the following advantages: firstly, the decomposition of chemical raw materials with new raw materials on the quality of neck and neck can equal to the new material used, to achieve the recycling; secondly, has a considerable potential of processing, can achieve real governance white pollution which is formed by the plastic. So this method has higher economic benefits and social benefits, is the inevitable development trend. Among them, the hydrolysis is a convenient and economical means of plastic recycling; Thermal cracking is more promising technology, both at home and abroad are highly valued. Thermal cracking can be divided according to the different product oil process, gasification process and carbonization process.