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Shallow of a polystyrene board and wall body casting molding technology

A polystyrene board and wall body casting molding is in the heart of the concrete frame - shear system of polystyrene in building templates, in the pouring of the wall of the lateral, then pouring concrete, concrete and polystyrene pouring shape for the composite wall at a time. The technology solved the main problems of the external thermal insulation, the advantage is obvious. Because exterior wall body and thermal insulation layer a survival, improve work efficiency, greatly shorten the time limit, and got to ensure the safety of construction personnel. And in the winter construction, polystyrene ACTS as insulation, retaining heat preservation measures can reduce the periphery. But should pay attention to when concreting uniform, continuous casting, or because of the effect of the lateral pressure of concrete will cause of polystyrene in the deformation after dismantle faults and fault, after construction.

The built-in polystyrene can be double wire mesh, also can be a single wire mesh. Double connection wire mesh polystyrene board and concrete, mainly rely on the inside of the wire network frame and the wall of the lateral reinforcement binding and concrete with polystyrene board stick relay, its good performance, has the high degree of safety. Single connection wire mesh polystyrene board and concrete, rely mainly on concrete and polyphenyl board stick relay and inclined inserted reinforcing steel bar, L shaped steel and concrete wall anchorage force, combined with the performance is better also. Single "compared with double wire mesh, wire mesh technology for cancelled the inside of the wire mesh and install the insulation board in front of the board of the lateral plaster, saves time and materials. Can reduce the cost of its around 10%.

But this two kinds of practice of steel wire rack has been adopted, the cost is higher, and the steel is a good conductor of heat, heat transfer directly, can reduce the wall heat preservation effect.

We for concrete with no network frame of polystyrene a shaped composite wall were studied. Test results show that the water in the concrete slurry amount suitable conditions, using concrete paste of polystyrene as bonding agent, it is possible. When we to deal with EPS board on the back of the stick relay with the concrete further increase (the average bonding strength can reach 0.07 Mpa, and damage had occurred in polystyrene).The technology to cancel the wire rack, the heat preservation performance improvement, and plate cost down again.