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Styrofoam recycling technology

Recycling is the most important measures, environment harmless recycling also referred to as the technology of recycling. At present, there are many researches about styrofoam recycling in the domestic and foreign. Some people have reached a practical level.


The methods can be divided into two simple and compound regenerative, simple regeneration waste material of the horn side is mainly used for factory, also easy to clean one-time use of the waste recycling, its composition is simple, clean, reworked material can alone or with a certain proportion mixing new material used in, also can use the existing technology and equipment, is currently the main and effective method.


1. EPS scrap recycling production after crushing the deflecting, PS, was then heated molten to join the foaming agent, flame retardant and nucleating agent such as additives, the processing system of XPS, widely used in building materials. At present, the recycling technology in domestic has been widespread promotion, and become one of the main ways to EPS recycling.


2. Recycling foam manufacturers can and unqualified products of the crusher into a certain size of particles, mixes with fresh pretest bead forming again in sheet forming machine or packaging machine, made from a variety of specifications and shapes of EPS products.


3. Thermal regeneration, the use of foam plastic granule machine.


4. A light-weight thermal insulation building materials


After waste foam plastic were shattered, through infrared radiation heating, the volume has been reduced to less than 1/20; And then blended with special cement, meters flower sugar construction materials, was identified as incombustible materials. The construction material of the silencing effect was 60% on average, noise suppression of certain frequency can reach above 90%. This material has been used for walls and ceilings of various kinds of sound insulation facilities.


In addition, EPS and broken material can also be made of lightweight block, external thermal insulation mortar and light mortar, etc. Can also be adhesive and EPS broken materials according to certain ratio of the lateral mixing, burn baked at high temperatures, EPS and broken material made with hollow structure was burning to clay brick, the brick has high strength and excellent adiabatic performance.