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The application of EPS external thermal insulation market in the international


EPS has a history of 40 years in foreign countries, in the use of domestic there are 20 years old. The external thermal insulation market share reached 87% in Europe, the United States market is close to 85% - 85%, is internationally recognized as the preferred external thermal insulation material.

Before the relevant reports quoted the British more than 18 m building exterior wall thermal insulation system are not allowed using EPS thin plaster; Germany rules more than 22 meters buildings are not allowed using the system."The actual situation is: in the UK, because of the high-rise buildings, the British standards committee identified the two fire mode, a is more than 18 m facade system USES incombustible material, the second is to do fire test insulation system (EPS), test passed will allow the system to use, is not absolutely prohibited. In Germany, the floor above the buildings along the height is more than 22 meters buildings on the top floor as high-rise buildings, to start from 0 meters on high-rise building only allows the use of non-combustible insulation materials, cannot less than 7 meters buildings set fire protection construction measures, public buildings must use no combustible materials. In addition, although Germany existing B1 level requires the use of EPS board, but different bulk density and thickness of EPS combustion performance level, through test research, Europe is generally believed that the EPS used in external thermal insulation, plank reach European standard E B2 is ok. Germany also adopts European standard 3, 4 years later; the market will be widely used in the B2 of EPS board.

In addition, due to the population density is small, foreign buildings in the majority with villa houses, and complex modeling, more concentrated in Europe, North America and other places. Every year on a small amount of new buildings, the developed countries the total quantity of new buildings combined with China's new buildings every year. So choose to use which kind of technique system and what material do you use in the safe journey, also should consider price.