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The features of EPS products

EPS moulding based on EPS aggregate core body, auxiliary mesh cloth and materials, such as polymer mortar is used for building facade with the adornment of the artifacts.EPS moulding has been rapid in recent years, promotion and use, effect is good.

The features of EPS moulding as follows

1. EPS moulding is light weight. With decorative thread of 50 x 50 cm, for example, its weight is GRC decorative thread about 1/6.A person can freely move and construction.

2. EPS moulding paste firmly. Decorative thread (piece) of security is very important, especially the quality for life, if only the beautification, does not pay attention to safety that will bring great hidden trouble.EPS decorative thread is not only light, but with the grassroots metope is very strong. It is mainly made with polymer mortar for bonding, and polymer mortar is the organic adhesive to the inorganic material made of cement mortar mixing, not only service life is long, strong and binding, and has been the national standards and norms, and proved feasible in a large number of engineering application, is safe and reliable. Born was relieved by using anchor bolt fixed construction and anchor bolt corrosion caused by the quality hidden trouble.

3. EPS moulding shape machining at will. Due to the design moulding is a computer automatic cutting, line (a) style follow one's inclinations, simple processing, convenient installation.

4. EPS moulding used with metope of EPS external thermal insulation effect is better, in today's rapid development building energy efficiency, EPS board exterior insulation system is the only choice for system, but the architect that will influence the realization of the elevation effects, EPS decorative thread fully convince architects, not only that, more can make the architect design moulding, follow one's inclinationsly and external thermal insulation wall form perfect cooperation,

5. EPS moulding convenient installation. Using special adhesive materials and methods, a person can install construction, especially the Detailing artifacts, just installed.

6. EPS adornment line is fluent, beautiful, no gaps between the linear.Because of using the gap between the two lines repair material, is disappear.In the later use also won't appear crack.

7. EPS moulding thoroughly solved the problem, exterior insulation cold and hot bridge designers, to build teacher's inspiration.