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The foam tableware officially lifted back in small restaurants. Automobil plastic net news: in Fe

bruary this year, the national development and reform commission announced that the disposable foam plastic tableware (hereinafter referred to as the "foam tableware"), is removed from the "obsolete products catalog", and will take effect on May 1st. Foam tableware ban on the eve of the reporter yesterday visited island city market found that foam tableware has appeared in the shelves of individual wholesalers, wholes


alers and manufacturers have begun to receive orders, after the ban on May 1, will be normal delivery.

Foam tableware, but need to May


1st shipment. "A case of 500, 45 yuan, equivalent to calculate a lunch box for 9 cents." Booking of foam boxes of wholesalers, reporter wanted to see the sample of the foam boxes, he from the shelves of a foam boxes, says that it is the only one.

Reporters found


that the disposable tableware, big span five cents from one to five hair moneys, many of them at the bottom of the tableware with "environmental protection", the word "PP", rather than disposable plastic tableware, foam tableware temporarily also do not have advantage on price. Reporter also found that there have been some foam tableware manufacturers released sales information on the Internet, yesterday afternoon, reporters, according to the number on the network connection on a foam tableware production enterprises in anhui, the sales staff said foam tableware of low cost, as manufac


turing enterprises grow, prices will continue to fall in the future.

In fact, there have been some wholesalers secretly sales foam tableware, reporters in fushun road, taitung, etc in the many small restaurants has been the discovery of traces of foam tableware, said an official with the restaurant its stock price is lower than the same quality of disposable plastic tableware.