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Shanghai has a recycling system of disposable plastic lunch box which was released in October 2000, "Shanghai disposable plastic lunch box management interim

 measures". The Shanghai daily consumption of disposable plastic lunch box more than 100, ten thousand, the disposable plastic lunch box from production, recycling to disposal have formed a complete industrial chain in shanghai. Citizens are discarded lunch box, the collected by scavengers or sanitation workers, was taken to the city more than 30 centralized collection point. Shanghai sanitation departments in pudong, baoshan, changning and xuhui four disposable lunch box recycling station to designated collection points, station next to set up a series of collection points, forming a network of recycling, collection point, after simple processing on its


workers, then to the four large station. Eventually, the lunch box sent to two recycling factory. After recycling staff will collect a concentration of disposable lunch box, disinfected, sent to kunshan factory of green environmental protection, recycling. According to the Shanghai municipal waste management statistics, about 95% of the Shanghai recycling lunch box, are processed into plastic particles in kunshan.

The recycling plant, "white pollution" is worthy of the name "white" resources. Abandoned lunch box after sorting, cleaning, crushing, melting, granulation, such


 as process flow, can generate slightly larger than a grain of brown plastic particles. Made from recycled plastic particles after processing, all kinds of building materials, air conditioning screen pack, TV shell, sole, heel, office stationery and so on, these products have been in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang and other places, some products are exported to overseas.

The disposable tableware manufacturers Dart Containers company help the customer to establish EPS snack plate and EPS coffee cup recovery system. The company imported from China Howe environmental protection technology co., EPS foam compressor, in the school canteen unified recycling disposable tableware, the compressor compressed EPS foam waste uniform transported to the designated regeneration recycling plant, made the new PS particles.