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The requirements of external wall thermal insulation for developed countries

Domestic external wall external thermal insulation system fire prevention technology research and the importance, already from the lack of early stage of development to the attention of the whole industry, but most of the technical standards and products mentioned in the specification is all about the content of the combustion performance indexes of heat preservation material requirements, such as oxygen index and determined by B2 flammability test and so on, fireproof performance of heat preservation system did not make specific requirements. Although under revision of "code for fire protection design of tall buildings" and "code for fire protection design of buildings" in trying to join the principle requirements of exterior insulation system of fire prevention, but the current implementation of the standards and no exterior insulation system of fire protection design requirements, lack of exterior insulation system of fire prevention performance of different hierarchies and apply the rules of the building height.

Europe and the United States and other exterior insulation system, by contrast, technology application earlier, for exterior insulation system of fire safety requirements in application of this technology has been the preferred conditions. Exterior insulation system and thermal insulation material has fire test method and the grading evaluation criterion, different fire rating of the scope of the use of building external wall thermal insulation system are limited. Foreign experts believe: the external wall thermal insulation system is the most important is the quality and safety of the system, so it is necessary to consider for fire safety of building insulation, especially in the big cities of the high-rise building. Worldwide, buildings of different fire rating insulation system application scope of regulation, because of the discrepancy in the various countries' government policies and regulations are different. As Germany insulation fire problem can be divided into three levels: one is explicitly stipulated in the laws and regulations more than 22 m building combustible insulation material is strictly prohibited, polystyrene board exterior insulation system can only be used for construction of not more than 22 meters, higher than most 22 meters buildings rock wool exterior insulation system.2 it is in the European standard ETAG004 with plaster layer of external thermal insulation composite systems European technology standard authentication, external wall insulation and insulation of the system should be in accordance with the EN13501-1 combustion performance classification of building products or components, part 1 - use fire response combustion performance grade A1 - E grading test data of evaluation, and to indicate the possibility of flame spread in the thermal insulation material. Put forward in order to prevent the spread of flame, some countries adopt the practice of "fire barrier (fire partition)", the external wall thermal insulation system of fire prevention requirements according to laws, regulations, and is suitable for building use regulations and decide in the end. Germany will fire rating are rated A - B3 (GB8624-1997 not equivalent used), the standard requirements of polystyrene material and thermal insulation system of fire rating should achieve B1 level, in accordance with the standard EN13501-1, polystyrene board materials and insulation systems to meet the requirements of grade B/C. Three is the polystyrene board exterior insulation system of polyphenyl plate thickness is greater than 10 mm, again to meet the first level under the condition of fire protection construction, building fire safety regulations. Structure is in each window lintel and signage (join non-combustible high mineral wool fire belt, thickness with polystyrene board, a width of 200 mm or more upward; Length direction should stretch 300 mm or more than the window, full of sticky way shop post, mainly to prevent indoor fire when the fire came out from the window cause external wall thermal insulation system fire.

In Britain, the provisions of 18 meters buildings must be used according to the British standard grade 0 or more than European standard class B material, namely must use noncombustible or flame retardant materials; In the United States of New York state building instructions (BUILDINGCODEOFNEWYORK) make clear a regulation, fireproof limit is lower than 2 hours of polystyrene board thin plastering exterior insulation system are not allowed to use in more than 75 feet (22.86 meters) of residential buildings.