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The structure characteristics of cement polystyrene insulation board

Usually when cement is mixed with polystyrene foam particles, of the internal structure of composite materials will be because of how many there will be two cement dosage of the structure is an open structure and enclosed structure.

Periods of low dosage of cement is an open structure. Cement polystyrene foam particles can only package right now, is not enough to fill the space between the particles foam particles accumulated in the form of the most densely populated, for 52.4 to 73.8% of the total volume of space, for the rest of mud by water filling at the end of the gaps between the particles. When the cement dosage is large for enclosed structure, at that moment, cement packaging not only the foam particles, and filling the empty space between all the particles, and there is a distance between particles. Cement polystyrene insulation board is under the circumstances of less dosage of cement, by adding foaming agent and other additives in cement paste inside the introduction of a certain amount of bubbles and the diameter of 0.3 ~ 0.8 mm of tiny bubbles evenly dispersed in the slurry, forming stable foam slurry, foam slurry completely wrapped foam particles and filled the space between the particles and the formation of cement polystyrene insulation board has the internal structure.

The structure characteristics of cement polystyrene insulation board are as follows:

1. To improve the adhesiveness of mixture and dispersion, does not produce water mud sinks, polystyrene particles floating stratified segregation phenomenon. At the same time, these small bubbles up to reduce the friction of lightweight aggregate, increase of mixture workability, easy pouring shape.

2. Foam cement polystyrene particles around, under the circumstances of less dosage of cement in play a bigger cementation, form the uniform insulation board, Yu weight is light, have certain strength, heat preservation performance is good.

3. There is a tiny air bubbles inside the material. Can improve the frost resistance of products; Volume of products about 7 o % of the polystyrene particles almost not bibulous, compared with aerated concrete cement polystyrene insulation board bibulous rate is low, and the speed is slow.