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Waste foam granulator increasingly serious environmental problem

Foam if without recycling, can cause great environmental pollution, and waste foamed plastics recycling gradually rise, also led to the development of granulating waste foam in China, but many bubble granulator enterprises in the process of production does not pay attention to the environmental protection question, caused the secondary pollution to the environment, the value of such also violates the granulator bubble exists.

The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, environmental problems become increasingly important, energy resources more nervous, in order to adapt to the demands of a new age of foam pelleting machine, foam particles machine, granulating waste foam packaging materials in addition to the required to meet the market of packaging quality and quantity increasing requirements, such as must insist to conserve resources as the starting point.

In 2011, the bubble pelleting machine, foam particles machine, granulating waste foam granulator processing enterprises above designated size, bubble particle machine, granulating waste foam products production of 54.74 million tons, year-on-year growth of 22.35%.1 - November, bubble pelleting machine, foam particles machine, granulating waste foam processing industry enterprises above designated size main business income is 1.39877 trillion yuan, up 27.73% year on year, profits of 73.83 billion yuan, up 29.32% from a year earlier.But at the same time loss of enterprise loss of 4.351 billion yuan, up 43.65% from a year earlier.

With the new material, new technology, new products constantly emerging, and to develop in the direction of high performance, multi-function, and actively broaden its application domain.But expanding bubble pelleting machine, foam particles machine, the application range of the waste foam granulator, requirements of foam pelleting machine, foam particles machine, granulating waste foam performance of higher research and technology investment, it will inevitably increase the bubble granulator, foam particles machine, the use of the waste foam pelleting machine cost.

In recent years, the molding machine industry in China has made great progress, the annual production of all kinds of plastic granulator, bubble more than hundreds of granulation machines, basically can satisfy the general plastic raw material processing and plastic products processing, molding requirements.In addition to several large plastic enterprise group with advanced equipment, the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises are given priority to with domestic equipment.Due to the large, precision and high speed equipment, domestic products are a lot of deficiencies, in recent years, the number of imports of Chinese plastic machinery is also growing rapidly, especially the awareness of recycling in strengthening, so take the bubble granulator is still in short supply.

Convenient in the waste plastics recycling industry in our country, the development is not perfect, for resource recycling again and high potential development, demand for foam pelleting machine industry also has the very big space.Now bubble pelleting machine industry development should pay attention to environmental protection, from the waste water, waste gas emission in the research, according to the principle of bubble granulator special structure, using special drainage exhaust system, used in extruded plastic part cooling circulating water, thereby reducing solve the pollution caused by waste gas, waste water to achieve the maximum of environmental protection, it is also a bubble pelleting machine industry needs the direction of development efforts.