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Foam insulation box as the name of the outer packing box made of foam used in heat preservation is called foam insulation box, it is qualitative light, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, low water absorption, water resistant, aging resistant, good low temperature resistance, easy processing, and the advantages of low fares and friendly, frozen seafood, vegetables, incubator, cold storage, refrigerated vehicles, railway passenger indispensable aspects such as heat preservation material of the container. EPS packaging products is relatively easy to recycle and reuse, green packaging materials is good.

Foam insulation can use:

1. Foam insulation box used in food, beverage, clean vegetables, seafood, milk products, butter, chocolate, biological agents, vaccines, chemical raw materials and so on all need low temperature refrigerating transportation products.

2. Foam insulation box used with ice packs can be refrigerated transport various biological reagent frozen, solder paste, poultry medicine, pharmaceuticals, serum, vaccines, aquatic product, poultry, fish, and foreign trade of fresh food refrigerated transport over long distances.