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Polystyrene as the Internal and External Thermal Insulation Construction Analysis

Due to the total energy consumption of building energy consumption in the society of the major proportion, one of building energy efficiency has become the mainstream in the world wave of energy saving, building energy conservation technology has become one of the key point of the development of the architectural technology in the world.

Equipped mold can reduce indoor effective area. Installed insulation cannot achieve the desired effect, advantage is that don't have to worry about water absorption, empty drum, fall off, and so on. The outer is just the opposite.
EPS Circle

polystyrene inner and outer, for example, large module and a built-in polystyrene board exterior insulation technology of construction process is: polystyrene board processing - wall steel binding to the lateral temporary fixed polyphenyl board, joint - insulation board concealment acceptance - the outside big template fixed - > insert put in place through walls bolt and sleeve to install inside big template, adjust to support strengthening, bolt tightening, pouring concrete to form removal, cleaning of polystyrene surface dirt.
styrofoam polystyrene foam

The external wall thermal insulation system has more used Yu Quanxian pouring reinforced concrete external thermal insulation engineering. Follow the main body construction, wall and insulation molding, do not take up late independent work time, so in time limit for a project for construction projects with more direct benefits, can late than stick type thermal insulation layer construction time limit for a project in advance about 20 d. Insulation board in the subject construction stage and the wall concrete pouring forming an organic whole, namely polystyrene board and concrete walls for the comprehensive bonded, rather than external paste type thermal insulation construction of "point sticking method" or "the glue method", thus enhances the cohesive force of polystyrene board and wall concrete and the integrity of the insulation layer. But every coin has its two sides, according to the presence of wire mesh and the thermal insulation system is divided into two kinds: no network system and network system.

For a network system, as a result of oblique abdominal silk more intense, so the connection of external thermal insulation and wall is strong, can be used as a basal outside decoration is safe and reliable.
But at the same time, its shortcomings are more: (1) per m2. Nearly 200 of abdominal wire connected to the main body, caused a lot of energy pathways to external thermal insulation;
(2) template is dismantled appearance more bad;
(3) wire rusting is hard to avoid;
Plaster outside the general use of ordinary cement mortar, and because of verticality and exterior flatness deviation caused sometimes plaster thickness up to 5 ~ 6 cm, so easy to crack, it brings to the decorative surface and thermal insulation layer are destroyed.
M C200

Polystyrene board exterior stick type insulation construction work process is: the base level of acceptance, examination and messenger wire to basic level processing, insulation board pasted to insulation board ground leveling, protective layer of dry-mixed mortar to laid a grid cloth, the overall basic cleaning, repair and to act the role of surface engineering, repair, cleaning acceptance as a whole.
melted styrofoam

Because of polystyrene and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of polymer cement mortar layer adjacent difference is bigger, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of EPS board is 0.042 W/m, K, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of anti-crack mortar is 0.932 W/m, K, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of two materials is 22 times. Although polymer cement mortar can digest part of the deformation difference, but in the long run, many of the larger deformation velocity difference circulation influence, in the process of polymer cement mortar surface cracks easily. Polystyrene if insufficient maintenance, on the wall after will produce sustained contraction and circadian and seasonal change will occur heat bilges cold shrink and wet dry shrinkage, easy to cause the stress concentration phenomenon. And plate seam is released by the stress concentration area, so the system board joint crack is a common phenomenon.
compacted polystyrene foam

Other exterior paste insulation board technology is suitable for the shear wall structure, brick structure and framework; But outside of mortar and insulation of the demand is higher, after the completion of the engineering project, the deformation is larger, indirect crop cracks easily; Insulation board is stuck outside must be finished in the main body construction, WaiJia is dismantled, all can undertake external thermal insulation construction hanging basket, and construction for a long time, hanging basket rental fees, external thermal insulation mortar paste material, labor input; In addition, in the process of high-rise construction environment also has bigger constraints: for the wind, snow, rain, such as environment construction.