Good quality is always a magic weapon of success


It is believed that many people should have been to the amusement park. And many of them may be attracted by the gorgeous and refined buildings in it. In fact, those interesting and attractive buildings are made from the ordinary Styrofoam (EPS) materials.



In Spain, there is a theme and amusement park industry major engineering company. This company can provide professional EPS building materials cutting and spraying program for the amusement park. During the EPS cutting process, there will be a lot of EPS scraps which brings them a recycling opportunity. GREENMAX Apolo series compactors from INTCO recycling defeated a lot of competitors and finally helped them achieve efficient processing method of waste EPS materials.

This Spanish company is in a leading position in the local amusement park industry. They have a lot of successful cases of amusement park projects. And their projects not only include amusement parks, but also include resort hotels and retail stores and so on, covering a wide range, which also led to the increasing EPS scraps during their EPS cutting process.


It brings them a lot of trouble due to the large amount and bulky volume of EPS scraps. Such as not having enough space to deposit. Eventually they considered the recycling of the EPS scraps, and the recycled EPS material were sold to the local XPS manufacturers.

It should be mentioned that their concept of EPS recycling was not originally raised from GREENMAX. Before owning GREENMAX, they already had other brands of recycling machines. Of course, those machines are the competitors of GRRENMAX.


But why did they finally choose GREENMAX? The most important reason is that the GREENMAX has an anti- fusible device. They’ve ever used the machines, but those machines didn’t have this important device. When those machines were dealing with EPS scraps, the temperature of them was too high which would easily melt part of the EPS materials. This would cause changes in the nature of EPS materials which were not conducive to granulation and production of XPS materials.

GREENMAX ’s anti- fusible devices can help them drop the processing temperature and then they will get intact cold pressed EPS blocks. Simultaneously, GREENMAX solved the problem caused by large volume and high costs of the management.


Here is another important reason for the Spanish company to choose the GREENMAX ‘s cost-effective Apolo series compactors. When they didn’t know GREENMAX, they had also considered to buy a second-hand machine, but after comparing the price of GREENMAX and the second-hand machine, they realized that with competitive price, GREENMAX also has the same high quality. At the end of 2015, they chose the GREENMAX A-C50 compactor.



Now the main business of the Spanish company is getting better and better. At the same time, they have more and more EPS scraps, so their EPS recycling business is also in full swing.

In August 2016, they chose another GREENMAX 's A-C100 compactor. Due to GREENMAX ‘s powerful after-sale tracking and technical advisory services, GREENMAX finally got the company's high praise.


So far, not only in Spain, but also in the whole world, there have been more than 510 GREENMAX machines sold to 68 countries and regions. Thanks to GREENMAX 's foam volume reduction solution, high quality and perfect customer service, more and more people want to participate in EPS recycling. GREENMAX has made great contributions to the recycling and reuse of plastic resources in the world since 10 years ago.