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INTCO Will Attend Guangzhou International Building Decoration Fair 2016

Great news!!! INTCO will attend Guangzhou International Building Decoration Fair 2016.

INTCO booth

"Asian first exhibition of building materials" - the eighteenth China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair, is opening, adhering to the exhibition concept "provide the construction decoration industry practitioners with a complete solution", with a complete exhibition subject, the high-quality collaboration architecture and extensive influence in the industry, attracting industry leaders from around the world, the visitors is an endless stream.


Greenwood as a leader of high-quality whole house decoration line, at that time, we will see:
Real products

ps moulding

EPS material can be turned into picture frames and decorative moldings or mirror frames after EPS processing and styrofoam recycling.


Building Decoration

Professional presentation

visitor in guangzhou

Detailed show information and professional knowledge of building materials stock, provide the most comprehensive service for every guest.


intco stuff
INTCO Greenwood, sincere welcome your visit at 10.3-24 stand.