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With polystyrene as the case of internal and external thermal insulation construction analysis2013-12-20

Due to the total energy consumption of building energy consumption in the society of the major proportion, one of building energy efficiency has becom

The characteristics of the performance for EPS external thermal insulation material2013-12-13

At present, with the boom of construction energy conservation, heat preservation system of all kinds of popularization and application of material on

Foam plastic recycling2013-12-04

Polystyrene foam plastics can be useful in polystyrene bead moulding.It is used in home appliances such as foam plastic packaging or frozen food packa

Shallow of a polystyrene board and wall body casting molding technology2013-12-03

A polystyrene board and wall body casting molding is in the heart of the concrete frame - shear system of polystyrene in building templates, in the po

The structure characteristics of cement polystyrene insulation board2013-11-27

Usually when cement is mixed with polystyrene foam particles, of the internal structure of composite materials will be because of how many there will

The features of EPS products2013-11-25

EPS moulding based on EPS aggregate core body, auxiliary mesh cloth and materials, such as polymer mortar is used for building facade with the adornme

The introduction of the characteristics for EPS2013-11-19

EPS foam is resistant to rot, but not for a long time in the sun insolates, otherwise, a few weeks later, degradation by surface gradually yellow, but

Styrofoam recycling technology2013-11-15

Recycling is the most important measures, environment harmless recycling also referred to as the technology of recycling. At present, there are many r

Plastic packaging materials recycling and reusing2013-11-07

At present, the plastic packaging pollution has brought serious problems to China's economic development and ecological environment. In order to solve

Why plastic can't be recycled?2013-11-06

Plastic, steel, wood and cement constitute the modern basic industrial materials. And it occupies an important position in the national economic devel

Polyethylene closed-cell foam board2013-11-04

Polyethylene closed-cell foam board is a kind of commonly used material in water, by the ministry of communications of China academy of sciences and o

Foam compression equipment2013-11-02

Styrofoam compactor also named polystyrene foam reduce machine. It is according the principle that the screw produces the pressure to compact the foam

The situation of polystyrene recycling2013-10-31

At present, there are 5.8 million tons of waste polystyrene producing all around the world. Only China produces about 1.8 million tons per year. Excep

Brief introduction on process of recycling waste foamed polystyrene2013-10-30

EPS is used widely, but often is single-used, and its light weight, big volume and difficult degradation and other reasons make the white pollution ca

Environmental economic benefit analysis of waste plastics recycling2013-10-25

Waste plastics recycling based on domestic, import as supplement, is part of the resources environmental protection industry and circular economy. Chi

The foam tableware officially circumvented2013-10-24

The foam tableware officially lifted back in small restaurants. Automobil plastic net news: in February this year, the national development and reform

Pearl cotton EPE2013-10-23

EPE is a kind of high-strength buffer, seismic capacity of new environmental protection foam materials. It is flexible, qualitative light, flexible, c

What is a bubble incubator and its purpose2013-10-22

Foam insulation box as the name of the outer packing box made of foam used in heat preservation is called foam insulation box, it is qualitative light

The kinds of wall insulation and fire resistance2013-10-18

With the development of construction industry, the types of wall insulation materials more up, cold insulation materials also change with the change o

Polystyrene foamed plastic board and the EPS, XPS2013-10-12

Polystyrene foamed plastic into inflating continuous extrusion type EPS and XPS two kinds, the former is the benzene board, the latter is extruded boa

Brief introduction China EPS distribution part of the market demand2013-10-10

HuiCong plastic net news: EPS market demand in China is given priority to with packaging and plate. To the Yangtze river is bounded by the packaging d

Foamed plastics release-Inventory plastic tableware used way abroad2013-10-09

Support of the ban on plastic association, says, foam tableware is a kind of safe, green, environmental protection packaging materials. Against the re

EPS and the environment2013-10-08

Because of the good physical and mechanical performance of Polystyrene foam (EPS), in recent years in highway Bridges, etc. The development and applic

Physical properties for eps2013-09-29

EPS foam maximum permissible temperature mainly depends on the time under the condition of heat by stress and size. On the premise of intact stress, E

Foam compression equipment2013-09-27

Bubble compressor and called the polystyrene foam reduction machine, is according to the principle of pressure produced by the rotation of screw extru

The difference between eps,epp and epe2013-09-25

We often use the EPP, EPS and EPE in the packaging. But, what’s the difference between eps,epp and epe?
EPP: polypropylene foam material is a kind of

The difference between eps board and xps board2013-09-24

EPS expanded polystyrene board, polystyrene beads after heating pretest bubble in the mold after heating forming with obturator structure made by poly

How to recycle the waste eps2013-09-23

Polystyrene molecule containing benzene ring structure, hydrogen atoms on the benzene ring can be replaced by electrophilic reagents. Someone will rec

what can we do about eps recycling2013-09-22

EPS can be used for remanufacturing polystyrene: use a system of waste PS foam recycled EPS or molded foam products again, it should be said that the

EPS recycling and reusing2013-09-17

Polystyrene EPS in domestic development is swift and violent, widely used in various shockproof packaging, construction, decoration, tableware, etc. B

Problems about eps recycling2013-09-13

EPS foam compressor is suitable for use, depends on the capacity of waste EPS, the choice of corresponding models related to the costs and benefits. F

The question and answer of EPS recycling2013-09-12

Polystyrene foam plastic is thermoplastic plastics; recycled EPS will be made of polystyrene. : There are two main methods to recycled EPS waste incin

Can foam be recycled?2013-09-09

Can foam be recycled? The answer is yes, the bubble is short for us of foam plastic, foam plastics are composed of a micro porous gas dispersion in so

EPS recycling situation and technical progress2013-09-05

Recycling is the most important measures of environment harmless and recycling also referred to as the technology of recycling. At present, the domest

Research of recycling the waste polystyrene foam2013-09-03

Styrofoam (EPS) wide range of USES, often are one-time use at the same time, combined with its light weight, volume and difficult to degradation such

EPS foam definition - production – recycling2013-09-02

Polystyrene is a styrene monomer polymer was synthesized by free radical polycondensation English name for Polystyrene, hereinafter referred to as PS.

Plastic foam2013-08-30

Porous foamed plastics are also called plastic, resin as the main raw material made of interior has millions of microcellular plastics. Qualitative li

What is the difference between XPS insulation board and EPS insulation board?2013-08-29

Foamed PS is building insulation materials used in industry, the main purpose of disposable utensils (mainly for the coffee cup) and seismic protectiv

The recovery system of disposable plastic lunch box2013-08-28

Shanghai has a recycling system of disposable plastic lunch box which was released in October 2000, "Shanghai disposable plastic lunch box management

Is polyurethane foam?2013-08-27

Polyurethane is made up of polyisocyanates and polyether polyolor or small molecules polyolor chain extender agent such as multivariate amine or water

Physical and mechanical property of EPS2013-08-21

The density of EPS is decided by the expansion of the forming stage of polystyrene particles multiples, generally between 10 ~ 45 ㎏ / m3, as used in t

What is Aluminium Cans?2013-08-15

Aluminium Cans are the beverage cans made of aluminium. Beverage cans are made of aluminium (75% of worldwide production) or tin-plated steel (25% wor

What Is Polyurethane?2013-08-13

Polyurethane (PUR) is a polymer composed of a chain of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links.

What Is EPP2013-08-12

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is expanded PP. So what is polypropylene (PP)? Polypropylene is a kind of hemicrystalline thermoplastic plastics.

What Is EPE2013-08-12

Expandable Polyethylene (EPE) is the polyethylene (PE) can be expanded. Then what is PE? PE is the most common and largest production plastic, a kind

What is xps2013-08-09

what is eps2013-08-08

What Do Recycling Symbols on Plastics Mean?2013-05-08

You may note that there are different symbols on plastics, What they mean?
Read this, you will know everything.

What Do Recycling Symbols NO.1 on Plastics Mean?2013-05-08

The recycling symbol No.1 means PET bottles, such as coke bottles, etc.
These are all recycliable!

5 steps to Reuse Styrofoam 2013-05-08

As a specialist of strofoam recycling, INTCO show you 5 steps to reuse styrofoam, it is also an eco way to recycle waste styrofoam.

Styrofoam Recycling2013-05-08

Styrofoam recycling is now become one of the main business of INTCO Recycling.

What Do Recycling Symbols NO.6 on Plastics Mean?2013-05-07

"Foam" is generally known everywhere but in fact its' meaning is so wide. According to translation "Foam" means, "expand" or "blow".