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Make a Strategy to Enter into Industrial 4.0 Period2014-12-31

Recently, our chairman tell us the importance of era trend and inform us some information about future industrial development mode-Industry 4.0. Made

Happy Time as the Christmas is on the Corner2014-12-24

The happy Christmas Day is coming and there are full of happiness among the whole INTCO. To celebrate this special day, our company have made a Christ

INTCO Recycling Staff Have a Jogging in Winter2014-12-17

The winter is coming and the oil price is declining. All changes have an influence on the business. To release pressure and enhance the communication

Recent Big Events in INTCO Recycling Company2014-12-10

The New Year is coming and now people will be much busier than before as everyone need to have a summary of their work.

Greenmax Machines will Participate in 2014 China Plastic Exhibition2014-12-03

China Plastics Processing Industry Association’s first “2014 China International Exihibition on Plastics new materials, new technology, new equipment,

Recent Big Events and Activities in INTCO Recycling 2014-11-19

At the beginning of the winter, the weather is colder and colder but INTCO is busy and have so many shows to participate and have some big delegations

Central European Recycled Plastics to Increase Mutual Understanding2014-11-12

Behalf of the European Plastics Recyclers Association and the China Plastics Processing Industry Association Professional Committee of plastic recycli

INTCO Recycling have Participated in Some Show since the End of Last Month2014-11-07

INTCO Recycling have participated in the ChinaReplas recently in Shenzhen, Gangdong city. In this show, our company’s products get some international

Plastic and Steel Material are Changed to Reshape Car2014-10-23

In recent years, the plastic used in cars is increasing. Currently, the amount of automotive plastic of Germany, USA, Japan and other countries has re

The High Price of PE Become the Hot Topic in the Global Summit2014-10-20

According to two large plastic processors, PE may be abandoned by some product manufacturers due to high price.

Chinese Circular Economy Association Executive Director Visited INTCO Recycling Booth2014-10-11

INTCO Recycling Company showed the reuse way of our renewable PS plastic in the third China International Circulation Economic Achievement trade fair

Our GREENMAX Machines Have a Wide of Uses for Polystyrene Recycling2014-10-09

Do you know the use of polystyrene? In fact, the polystyrene material can be made into lots of products and now the demand is more than the supply.

INTCO Recycling Participate the China International Exhibition of Recycle Economy2014-09-26

Recently, our company INTCO have participated lots of international exhibitions or local exhibition

INTCO Recycling Have Participated in the RWM Show in Britain and Come to a Happy Ending 2014-09-24

This month our company went to the RWM trade in Birmingham of Britain, and this our fourth participation of this show

Why INTCO Produce Dewatering Machines and Do You Know Why Some Companies Recycle Beverage Cartons2014-09-22

Some companies collect food and beverage cartons, such as juice boxes. And they recycle metal, glass, and plastic because these item often contain foo

Our GREENMAX Machines are Popular in the British Show and We Find Some High Quality Customers2014-09-19

Our company take part in the British show this month and we signed lots of orders which are good news for our company this September

Details about EPS Recycling and the Recycling Process When Make Reuse2014-09-17

EPS is widely used in the building and construction industry. It is hard to decompose which does not attract pests, such as rats and termites.

Polystyrene Foam Recycling and Details You Should Know2014-09-15

Rejoice recyclers- you can be now easy to recycle the polystyrene foam blocks as our company produce compactor or de-watering machines-GREENMAX

INTCO International Holdings Sponsor the Chinese National Football Team VS Iran2014-09-12

INTCO have sponsored the Chinese national football team on eighth September in Weifang Olympic sport center.

How the Machines Compact the Plastic Foam and Where the Waste Come from2014-09-10

the machine need plastic wastes to compact. So people who work in this industry need to collect the waste continuously.

A New and Fashionable Drinking for the Young and the Recycling Problems2014-09-05

You probably have known the cocktail for a long time, but you just know and you don’t often drink, or you never drink them.

More Than 80 Factories of Illegal Recycling Centers Will Be Demolished in China Very Soon2014-09-03

The government will demolish the illegal building of recycling center soon to get rid of the risk of fire safety

Ninth China International Recycling Conference Will be Held in September2014-09-01

The conference will be held in a total area of 5000 square meters of exhibition hall, which is three times as the previous.

China Has a Huge Plastic Recycling Market Space But Still in Infancy Stage2014-08-27

Now people from all over the world speak highly of environment protecting and sustainable development. So the waste plastic recycling have a great cha

If You Have So Much Waste EPS, Please Don’t Worry2014-08-25

Maybe you have so much waste EPS, but you feel they are trouble and don’t know what to do. Now, don’t worry any longer because INTCO could get rid of

A Useful EPE Hot Melting Densifier for Waste Recycling2014-08-21

We are likely to have the condition that we don’t know how to deal with so much sponges as they are hard to resolve. Some people have some good ideas,

Chinese Recycling Market’s Procurement Sources of Recycled Plastic2014-08-11

Chinese recycling market’s procurement sources of recycled plastic are mainly in our native country, which are comparatively cheap and easy to get, wh

Polystyrene Foam Plastic Recycling and Management 2014-08-04

Polystyrene foam plastic recycling ways mainly include volume reduction and pelletize, crush into filling material, splitting to make oil or recycle s

Commerce Department: Plan to Prohibit Processing Trade Waste Plastic2014-07-31

It is said that the Commerce Department is going to prohibit the import and export of processing trade waste plastic, including all kinds of waste pla

Waste Plastic Recycling Begins in Our Country2014-07-21

Plastic product is commonly seen in our daily life, such as plastic bucket, PET bottles or washing machine shell, they have brought great convenience

Intco Turns EPS Recycling into a $150 Million Business2014-07-18

Published: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2:14 AM Beijing Time

Waste Plastic Bottles Recycling Way2014-07-14

In the long hot summer, while we are enjoy cold drink frequently, large scales of waste plastic bottles are produced at the same time and become one o

Pepsi-Cola Expands Beverage Bottles Recycling2014-07-07

Pepsi-cola Beverage Company whose headquarter is located in New York currently enlarges its beverage bottles recycling scale.

Renewable Resource Develops Well2014-06-30

On June 17th, Chinese Renewable Resource Industry Development Report (2013) was issued.

Asian-Pacific Ocean Region: Current Largest Packaging Film Market2014-06-25

Recent years, with packaging industry develops, plastic packaging market develops too. And as an important part, plastic film packaging market is boom

Intco Donated 500 Wheelchairs to Yushu Earthquake Area2014-06-18

In 2010, Yushu in Qinghai province suffered a terrible earthquake, which brought tremendous damages to this area.

Garbage Classification Accumulates Credits2014-06-10

Garbage Classification Accumulates Credits

Waste plastic is growing in adversity2014-03-21

Global renewable plastic mesh information platform: in 2013, the import of waste plastics has maintained the trend of price rises, the quantity and mo