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We have Produced Construction Molding and Formed a Good Recycling Circle2014-10-29

Our company is a recycling machine which have multiple products and most of our products are sold abroad.

We Can Produce New and Useful Products by Reusing the Waste Polystyrene Foam2014-10-14

In daily life we often can see some waste polystyrene foam which are scattered everywhere if local people do not have enough sense of waste recycling

Do You Know How to Make Full Use of the Waste Polystyrene in Daily Life2014-10-08

The China’s National Day have passed, and so many people feel tried as people are busy travelling and they will have a great expense

Polystyrene Foam Four Steps Hierarchy and the Recycle Way When Reuse Wastes2014-09-29

Polystyrene is a product which is produced from naphtha. But, after the transformation process of petroleum in refineries and only 0.2% of the crude o

The Plastic Recycling Giant of South Africa Enter into the Plastic Recycling Industry2014-08-29

Recently, MPACK, manufacturer of plastic products in Africa, announced that they will work with the South Africa Industrial Development Agency to join

A Rapid Development of the Waste Plastic Recycling2014-08-14

Now as the resource shortage become more and more fierce, so the resource recycling have a good prospective. Meanwhile, waste plastic recycling is als

A Great Boom in Secondhand Plastic Recycling2014-08-07

Secondhand Plastic Recycling is now having a great boom and people working in this industry are getting preferable salaries than before.

Waste plastic particles processing will develop into a hot spot2014-04-18

With plastic used more widely, waste plastics has become more and more, if not timely and effective treatment, it will do harm to the environment, and

The supply and demand trend of plastics2014-04-11

Recently, with consumption season the whole plastic stock downward, the weakness of the LLDPE since December last year, show a strong rebound, and lis

The tendency of plastic recycling2014-03-28

At present, the waste plastics trading places throughout the country formed a group of large scale waste plastics recycling trading center and process

The recycling of waste PE/PP film2014-03-10

How waste PE, PP film crushing granulation again? And what’s the the current and future vision of PE, PP waste grain?

The recycle of PP woven bag2014-03-05

Discussed here is "" bags of recycling, waste is suitable for production" "" "plastic trash bags. This is the recycling of a single variety, demand is

All kinds of waste plastic identification method2014-02-24

Senses identification: soft, white and transparent, but transparency, there is often an adhesive tape and the printed word.(note: tape and printed wor

Building insulation materials extruded board shady led industry2014-02-20

In order to "save" construction costs, construction companies and lawlessness glove manufacturers processing inferior "extruded board". On March 14, o

EPS ball using2014-02-15

The ball comes in a wide variety of sizes from small,Tetra Pak Recycling Company, baseball sized pieces to massive globes for bigger projects.?The ?is

Waste foam granulator increasingly serious environmental problem2014-01-22

Foam if without recycling, can cause great environmental pollution, and waste foamed plastics recycling gradually rise, also led to the development of

The application of EPS external thermal insulation market in the international2014-01-10

EPS has a history of 40 years in foreign countries, in the use of domestic there are 20 years old. The external thermal insulation market share reache

The requirements of external wall thermal insulation for developed countries2014-01-07

Domestic external wall external thermal insulation system fire prevention technology research and the importance, already from the lack of early stage