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Main Features Of XPS Hot Melt Machine2015-12-28

Extruded polystyrene foam has high density and high mechanical strength. So it must be needed in lots of fields

Intco Cooperated With Volvo Company2015-12-21

Volvo Group is famous luxury car manufacturer in all of the world, founded in 1927, headquartered in Goteborg

INTCO Has Been Practicing Innovation2015-12-18

In Intco, Enterprise innovation is fully open, the core competitiveness is high.
Innovation is not limited to the field of science and technology, th

Intco Vertical Integration Strategy In EPS Recycling Process2015-11-23

Waste EPS foam recycling has great significance and prospect, but there is a big difficulty in recycling of EPS because its bulk volume and low densit

Intco Attended Chinese Waste Plastics Business Strategy Forum2015-11-13

At present, economic downward is bearing pressure, the bottom is still in exploring, especially the real economy is weakness, many manufacturing indus

Tianjin Fighting in 8.12 Accident in Tanggu2015-08-13

A terrible noise originally broke the quiet night. Some warm home dissipated in the history of the event with the life loud, and the fierce fire destr

Greenmax Have Visited Alibaba Group in Hangzhou Recently2015-07-23

As is known, Alibaba International Station provides a one-stop shop decoration, product display, marketing, business management, negotiation and shop

The Customer Come to Greenmax Factory to Visit and Buy Machines2015-07-08

Few days ago, a customer came to Greenmax to have a visit. During the visit period, they get along very well with our salesman and engineers. We talk

PET Bottles Recycling and Greenmax Bottles Recycling Machine Test in Factory2015-06-18

Good barrier properties of PET material makes all kinds of carbonated drinks, fruit juice, milk dairy products, tea drinks, mineral water and other fo

INTCO Huge Greenmax Crusher for PE Foam Have a Test in the Factory2015-06-10

Recently, INTCO factory is busy as a huge foam crusher has been produced and we are having a test. As is known, waste PE foam is lightweight and large

INTCO Extend Heartfelt Respect to All Trapped People in Orient Star2015-06-03

In the evening of June 1, a ship sailed from Nanjing to Chongqing passenger ship “Orient Star” suddenly encountered a tornado and capsized in the midd

Polyethylene Foam Recycling Machine Test in INTCO Factory2015-05-27

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene can be made of polyethylene), which is commonly known as EPE.
EPE is a high-strength buffer and anti-vibration capability

INTCO Have Won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award Achievements2015-05-19

2014 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in May 18, 2015 in Shanghai Exhibition Center Friendship Hall. The city leaders, Hanzh

INTCO Recycling Machines Factory Activities and Group Activities2015-05-13

Recently, INTCO recycling machine factory have been busy testing recycling machines. As is known, quality is the most important point and quality dete

Customers Visited Greenmax Recycling Industry Last Sunday2015-04-29

Now, we know the waste plastic foam are widely used in a lot of fields, such as plastic foam board. The following you could know the use of plastic fo

INTCO New Produced Recycling Machines for Waste Plastic Foam Recycling2015-04-15

Now we often hear that some plastic foam factories burned. The misery happened and some people are injured. So plastic foam have risks without conside

The Factory have Produced and Tested New PE Foam Recycling Machines2015-03-23

Recently, our factory is very busy testing the machine whether they are in good condition. The aim pf this experiment is that we could make some impro

New Designed Greenamx Waste Recycling Machines are in Production2015-03-18

Recently, our salesman are busy visiting our old customers and participating in a big exhibition. The exhibition dynamic will be provided several days

INTCO is Trying to Make a Breakthrough EPS Foam Recycling Machines2015-03-10

This world is changing rapidly and there is no static method in the universal. So trying to make a breakthrough is the law of nature. Decades of years

Greenmax Salesman Go Abroad to Visit Local Market about EPS Foam Recycling2015-03-03

As is known, market condition is very important as people need to know the EPS foam and the local demands and price changes. We are waste EPS foam buy

INTCO Development and Group Annual Meeting2015-02-12

Last week, something happened in INTCO which have followed the rapid development society as new and good functional machines have been produced. In th

GreenMax New Type of Hot Melt Machines Have Been Produced Recently2015-02-04

A new year have been arrived and most manufacturers have some changes. They may make a new strategy and make new plans for a new year’s development.

INTCO Recycling Have New Aims and Development in 20152015-01-07

The year of 2014 has passed and the past year have happiness and sorrows. But, all staff in INTCO have gained much within the past year.