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Tesco Devoted to Plastic Recycling2015-12-25

With the increase usage of plastic, waste plastics has caused serious environmental pollution, but also contains an important renewable resource. Petr

Greenmax Recycling Introduces Foam Crusher To You2015-12-14

The crushing of waste plastics is an important link in the process of plastic recycling. Today, we will understand the principle of Greenmax Recycling

Many Large Companies Invest In The Field Of Waste Recycling In USA2015-12-11

Ron Gonen and Rob Kaplan built CLOSED LOOP FUND, hoping to overcome the obstacles to the recycling of the United States.

Introduction of Waste Plastics Crushing Processes2015-12-09

The equipment mainly includes the cutting machine and the crushing machine, whose basic principle is to destroy the material's integrity depend on the

Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) Meeting is Held in Czech2015-11-10

Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) meeting is held in Czech, capital of Prague, the number of population is less than the previous. Topics discus

Intco Included in the Environmental Protection Industry Key Project2015-11-06

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Commission and the provincial energy conservation office issued a notice that is about circular on key projects of t

Waste Recycling Industry Can not Shirk the Responsibility to Reduce Marine Pollution2015-11-02

Management of marine pollution - recycled plastics industry has not shirk the responsibility.At present, enterprises has played an important role in t

Greenmax Recycling Provides Professional Processing With Waste Foam2015-10-30

Waste foam recycling is a kind of paid waste treatment and service life, the professional and regular recycling company stations or companies processe

Supreme Court of New York Overturned the Ban On Use of Plastic Foam2015-10-08

For the problem whether foam plastic should be used, the people began to vote from 2013 and New York City legislative requires the City Health Departm

Agricultural Plastic Recycling in New Zealand 2015-09-25

Agricultural plastic recycling in New Zealand, mainly for farms and vineyards around the country, t agricultural plastics of has accumulated 1743 tons

Plastic Recycling Lamps in the Museum of Contemporary Art2015-09-21

These artworks are the art exhibits of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. The author is a fashion designer, Rail Juergen, who died in an acciden

Waste Plastic Recycling Market is Decline2015-09-18

Wall Street newspaper reported that many boss engaged in recycling industry hanging by a thread, Kelisikelaier CK group advertising director said. Eve

PET Bottle Recycling Rate Was Only 31% in American2015-09-14

the recovery rate increased but the actual recycling rate is significantly lower regeneration.For example ,PET bottles, appointed by the American Chem

World's Latest Automatic Sorting Technology in Plastic Recycling 2015-09-08

Plastic recycling industry from the initial to the PET bottle to the present various types of plastic recycling, the first face of PET cleaning techno

Pollution Culprit EPS Foam can be Turned into Resources2015-09-07

As is known to all, EPS foam is a kind of light petroleum based plastic materials, which are generally used to transport services,

How to Recycle Packaging Material2015-09-01

Polystyrene foam (EPS) has excellent and lasting thermal insulation, unique buffer seismic resistance, anti-aging and waterproof, so it is widely used

Synthetic PP Paper Foam is Expected to Replace Conventional Plastic2015-08-27

Environmental protection has always been our common human themes appeal, and the use of plastics could make people feel helpless.

How to Choose Proper Machinery and Equipment When Purchasing2015-08-18

If you want to post a want ad online, there will be many companies to contact you in the short term. And all suppliers will speak highly of their own

Melt Granulation Process and Progress of the Recovery of Waste PS Foam2015-08-10

Melt granulation is the primary method for recovering PS foam, and most of the waste PS foam recovered by this method. Melt granulation recycle polyst

Foam Particles Become Lithium Battery Electrodes2015-08-04

This electrode was better performance compared with the conventional graphite electrode. The finding recently at the 249th session of the National Mee

Polystyrene Price and Raw Material Prices Have a Further Decline2015-07-28

Polypropylene, polystyrene, propylene and styrene prices will have further decline due to raw material prices. And it is expected in July will show th

Waste Styrofoam Recycling Technology and Perfect Recycling System2015-07-10

Most people will throw waste Styrofoam into landfill. As a result, waste Styrofoam will have pollution on soil and water. But now with the help of Sty

Dangote Group have Built a World-class Polyethylene Plant to Export2015-07-03

Manish Singhvi, general manager of the African diversified conglomerate Dangote Group, responsible for strategic planning, recently, said the company

PS Recycling Plant Will be Built in Indianapolis2015-07-01

Dart Container Corporation and PRI plastic recycling companies will establish a PS recycling plant. The PS recycling plant will be built in Indianapol

Styrofoam Recycling Compactor Technology Development and Improvement2015-06-26

Engineers are very busy now in Greenmax factory as new technology and products have been upgrading and improving. To provide better and more convenien

Modified Styrofoam Board Performance Boost2015-06-24

Now Styrofoam material have been used and people nearly can’t live without Styrofoam materials. So Styrofoam recycling have also swept through differe

is polyethylene foam recyclable2015-06-16

Polyethylene foam now have a wide use in a lot of fields, and it is also a recycling material which could be reused. In addition, polyethylene foam pr

The United States May Develop New Rules for Recycling Foam2015-04-23

Food Packaging Association President said: “With the growing demand for end-market bubble and foam equipment and process improvements, the grant progr

US Plastic Particles Ban for Marine Debris Cleanup2015-04-01

A lot of plastic garbage are thrown into the ocean following through rivers. Most plastic garbage clean synthetic fabrics for all fiber, as well as co

Greenmax Machines Provide a Better Way to Handle Waste Plastic Foams2015-01-21

Circular economy is an advocate of the establishment of the constant recycling of material based on the model of economic development, which requires

Green Packaging Materials Will be the Mainstream in the Future2015-01-14

With the concept of low carbon environmental protection has become the main theme of the community, many industrial fields have made low-carbon enviro