2016 Archive

INTCO Supported Shandong Provincial Sports Games2016-09-30

In order to promote the spirit of competitive sports, show construction of spiritual civilization and cultural home, promote Zibo local amateur life,

Congxigang Came to Visit INTCO Group2016-08-26

On August 22, 2016, Zibo City, United Front Work Department Congxigang came to visit INTCO group in Linzi District, the city Mayor Songzhenbo also att

2016 Economic Social Development And The Scene Reviews 2016-07-18

On July 11, 2016 economic and social development and the scene reviews meeting was held in INTCO environmental protection new plant in Zibo City.

INTCO Group Will Take a Deep Tour in Korea2016-06-12

INTCO group will bring partners and families a wonderful trip in Korea
Enjoy your double enjoy of vision and taste.

Research Work in Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Company2016-05-23

On 22 May, 2016, the National Development and Reform macro hospital director Yang Chunping and his party came to Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co

The Future Of Plastic Crusher2016-05-16

With the rapid development of society, people's living standard is also rising up, plastic crusher is a new product in machinery industry

Intco Medical and Jiangsu University Built Employment Training Base2016-05-11

INTCO Medical and Jiangsu University built employment training base
On May 5, INTCO cooperated with Jiangsu universities in depth to build the employ

Rio Olympic Trampoline Trials Sponsored By INTCO2016-04-11

Rio Olympic trampoline trials sponsored by INTCO will be held in City Sports Exhibition Center, Zhenjiang on April 9 to 10.

INTCO Was Appraised As The One Of Top 100 Environmental Protection Enterprises2016-04-01

Recently, in the list of top 100 energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises in Shandong Province, the Shandong provincial government energ

Linzi Cultural Industry Development Association visited INTCO 2016-03-25

On March 21, the represents of Linzi District Cultural Industry Development Association visited Shandong Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co., Ltd.

Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition2016-02-22

From February 23 to 26 in 2016, the 29th session the China - Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition and 2016 Shanghai Intern

Perfect Intco Group Annual Meeting Was Successfully Held2016-02-01

On January 30, 2016, Intco Group held a grand perfect British Branch Group annual meeting in Zibo Shandong.

Did You Experience This New Year Party2016-01-22

Free raffle, free buffet, free to watch the performances. This is not a dream! This is the New Year party that organized by the Intco company in 2016!

The Big Surprise In Intco Group New Year Meeting2016-01-18

Today, the Intco Group have the opportunity to help us realize this childhood dream, as chairman of Intco Group Frank Liu announced that one of Intco

Intco Wishes You Happiness Through The Coming Year2016-01-05

In this New Year's time, Intco Greenmax Recycling company extend New Year greetings to waste plastic recycling industry colleagues!