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Reduce the application of polystyrene in food containers and trays2016-12-30

Due to the harm of polystyrene products, people are becoming to know the importance and necessity of protecting the environment during the recent year

Modern life needs urgent efficient recycling of polystyrene products2016-12-27

A lot of modern consumers are adapted to the plastic packages. But these relatively modern wrappings perhaps annoy and worry people sometimes because

Measures of effective polystyrene recycling during the holidays2016-12-22

With the increase of living standard, people have more choices of ways to celebrate the festivals, plastic products such as polystyrene disposable foo

Ban the use of polystyrene trays to contain Take-away food2016-12-19

During these days, more and more cities ban the use of disposable polystyrene food service containers. Many shops and supermarkets do not use or sale

Development of the polystyrene waste recycling2016-12-15

People paid little attention about recycling, but due to the serious white pollution, people gradually become to know the importance and necessity of

Many organizations make contributions to plastic film recycling2016-12-12

People gradually become to know the importance and necessity of protecting the environment during the recent years. And some environmental protection

Conditions of Plastic Food and Beverage Containers Market2016-12-09

With the increase of the living standard, People have more choices of food. Usually people would like to choose fast food which are packed in disposab

Ban of plastic bags to save marine life2016-12-07

Plastic pollution of the sea caused an increasing number of dead fish, governments around the world have begun to pay attention to this issue, they ma

Foam Recycling Process is Gradually Improved with New Technology2016-12-01

Due to the serious environment pollution, people are trying to find more effective solutions to solve the problem. There are some professional compani

Conditions of Polystyrene and EPS Market2016-11-29

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic polymer, synthesized by polymerization of styrene monomer. Polystyrene melts when heated above its melting temperature

Different Types of Cost-Effective Foam Recycling Machines2016-11-26

Nowadays, people are trying to find more effective solutions to solve the problem of environment pollution. Many companies offer recycling machines an

Plastic Films Recycling2016-11-21

Several years ago, millions of different forms of plastic – including bags, sacks and wraps were generated around the world. Less than 15 percent of t

Application of new methods to solve the problems of waste foam2016-11-17

In the aspect of thinking about the recycling materials, people always think about the waste papers or batteries. Few of people would think of the pol

The awareness and actions of environmental protection2016-11-14

Due to the serious plastic pollution, many companies have taken practical actions to solve the problem. INTCO is a company which focuses on the enviro

Polystyrene can cause the pollution of soil, water and atmosphere2016-11-10

Disposable ball pens are very easy and convenient to use, most of the people throw them as ordinary garbage after use. However, it is a kind of white

Styrofoam makes contribution to the Energy-saving Buildings2016-11-07

In recent years, China has actively take actions to save the energy and develop energy-efficient buildings vigorously. So polystyrene foam plastic (EP

Worms may provide new ideas for environmental problems2016-11-04

Polystyrene is a worldwide concern, people all need to take actions in order to protect the environment. INTCO produces professional compactor and mel

The recycling of polystyrene plastic particles2016-11-02

As it is known to many people that polystyrene plastic particles usually are used just one time, millions of tons of white trash were put into nature

Effective Development of Packaging Waste Recycling2016-10-29

Packaging waste is a major source of pollution to the environment, it is necessary for people to do a good job of packaging recycling efficiently. At

Significant polystyrene recycling due to the serious pollution 2016-10-27

Polystyrene foam plastic is widely used in our lives, but after discarded in the water or soil, it won’t rot for years, affecting the production of cr

Half of Marine Garbage is Polystyrene Foam2016-10-17

Marine litter is permanent, man-made or processed solid waste. Some of these marine trash remains on the beach, some can float in the sea or sank into

Recycling Expanded Polystyrene in Indonesia2016-10-08

This is a company which has an Industrial scale of EPS processing and recycling Expanded Polystyrene in Indonesia. It produces about 5 Tons of melted

Recycling Process of Waste Polystyrene Foam2016-09-27

Recycling polystyrene foam, we usually used mechanical recycling method, will compact or hot melt waste polystyrene foam block into blocks so that GRE

GREENMAX Polystyrene Screw Compactors2016-09-22

Since 2007, GREENMAX has specialised in the most efficient and energy-saving type of compacting screw compactors.

Green Technology to Recycle Waste Styrofoam2016-09-14

Recycling is the most important measures for country environment. At present, many research institutes studied EPS recycling.

Popularity of Polystyrene Packaging Materials Soared2016-09-05

Recetntly, the German plastics trade group IK participated in an on airpop / EPS (also known as polystyrene foam) packaging image investigation.

The Features And Applications of EPS Packaging Products2016-09-01

Due to so many advantages of EPS, the applications and use scope of EPS packaging is increasing. More and more waste EPS foam are displayed.

Wrap Action Waste Styrofoam Recycling Program2016-08-29

Connecticut recently joined Wrap Action Recycling Program, aimed at increasing residents’ employment and opportunities for soft film packaging recycli

Can EVA Foam Be Recycled2016-08-23

EVA is commonly known as ethylene-vinylacetate copolymer, is an extremely common material, is more common in everyday life

Yogurt Beverage Packaging Market is Growing Rapidly2016-08-19

According to Cleveland industry market research, the global demand for plastic bags will incrase at an annual growth rate of 6.2%, to 2018, market dem

White Pollution Changes Into Green Frames2016-08-15

"After discarding, waste EPS nor will pollute the environment, we are very optimistic about the development of this industry." EPS Recycling Manager

Integrated Plastic Packaging Waste Management Measures2016-08-08

Polystyrene foam also called EPS, EPS foam mainly used in televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances

The European Plastics Recyclers called for PET Recycling System2016-08-05

Recently, the business group Plastics Recyclers Europe in Brussels have called on all the European plastics recyclers joint action to establish an ind

Plastic Recycling Equipment History2016-08-01

All types of machine and equipment used in plastic machinery, such as certain fluids and solids conveying, separation, crushing, grinding and drying a

Waste Plastic Recycling System Need to be Built2016-07-29

Plastic, as a new material, is featured by lightweight, waterproof, durable, mature production technology, low-cost, but it has great dangers.

The Entire Cycle In GREENMAX2016-07-22

More than 5 foam recycling solutions in more than 80 countries around the world

EPS Foam Can be Completely Recycled And Reused2016-07-15

EPS foam packaging is the most resource-efficient options for furniture stores and logistics company

New Direction of Plastic Crusher2016-07-04

With the development of plastics industry and technology, the demands of plastic machine industry technology also is increasing.

The Develop Trend of Packaging Recycling Machinery2016-06-27

At present, with the rapid development of food industry, secure packaging to ensure food safety is now booming, efficient production is no longer the

New Breakthrough To Solve White Pollution2016-06-24

Recently, US scientists announced a breakthrough in degradable polyethylene plastic waste indusry, not only provides a possible new way to solve the p

Is Recycling Waste Plastic Foam2016-06-20

Plastic foam products are often used in home appliances packaging, fish boxes, vegetable boxes and so on.

The Features of Styrofoam Foam Boxes2016-06-03

Styrofoam foam boxes are new environmentally friendly foam material with strength buffer, seismic capacity. It is flexible, lightweight

The Classification Of Eps Products2016-05-06

The life of polystyrene foam is shorter, about 50% of polystyrene foam product life is only two years, 97% of polystyrene foam products useful life is

Is Recycling Waste Expanded Polystyrene Foam2016-04-27

Polystyrene foam recycling, commonly used mechanical recycling method to hot melt waste polystyrene foam firstly and heated to reduce the size and bri

Plastic Packaging Bags Will Be Developed Along The Direction Of Environmental Protection2016-04-05

With the development of society and people's rising living standards, people's requirements on environmental protection, practical and aesthetic are m

The Most Simple Single-Screw Extruder2016-03-29

The most simple single-screw extruder, it is also extremely important production equipment, let us know the extruder ancestor now!

Recycling Method Of Crosslinked Polyethylene2016-03-11

XLPE is widely used in wire and cable coating layer, motors, transformers and other high voltage resistance, high frequency of heat-insulating materia

The Phenomenal Growth Of Plastics Recycling Industry2016-03-07

As a renewable resource, waste plastics has become an important part of comprehensive utilization of resources, to improve the utilization of oil reso

Resource Recycling Industry Have A New Action2016-02-29

Recently, in accordance with the service concept "no roadblocks set up signs", the Market Authority improved service performance and did the registrat

Greenmax Team Will 100% Guarantee The Quality Of Machines2016-02-26

GreenMax machine is a foam compression machine in Intco environmental protection company. Intco Group has two divisions included medical and environme

5 Big Errors Related With Disposable Foam Lunch Boxes2016-02-19

It is understood, since May in 2015, after disposable plastic foam recovered free in use, however, the doubt voices is still prevalent. Recently, five

Waste Plastics Recycling Is Very Promising2016-02-14

From the date of birth, plastic waste plastic is concerned in society mainly because of the use of plastic in packaging

Transformation From Recycling To The Plastic Tycoon2016-01-26

The US environmentalist Biddle is a member of the Basel Action Network, which is a dangerous waste exports monitoring organization.

Waste Polystyrene Foam Is Widely Used In All Countries2016-01-15

Most of the waste polystyrene foam is a one-time use, tons of waste white trash were put into nature. They can not rot, transform and disappear natura

10 Events In Plastics Recycling Industry In 20152016-01-11

During November and December, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection and local authorities launched a new round of "hedge action", strict su