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Half of Marine Garbage is Polystyrene Foam

Marine litter is permanent, man-made or processed solid waste. Some of these marine trash remains on the beach, some can float in the sea or sank into the sea. Only the Pacific Ocean garbage has reached more than 300 million square kilometers, even more than Indian land area. In the Pacific Ocean, has formed so much plastic-based "marine garbage belt." If we do not take measures, the ocean will not be able to load, and humans will not survive.


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Marine garbage is shocking, mostly is foam
The International Beach Cleaning Day began in 1986, is the third Saturday in September each year. On this day, large-scale coastal cleansing activities (ICC activities) are held around the world. This year, 99 agencies and organizations in China participated in the event, 5541 volunteers in 18 cities participated coastal garbage cleaning, cleaned 37,460 meters coastline, a variety of unexpected marine trash is shocking. In this regard, "Life Times" conducted an exclusive report.


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Half of the garbage is polystyrene foam
According to the information provided by Shanghai Rendu Marine Public Welfare Development Center, the total amount of rubbish in this activity is about 40 tons. The top ten garbage are foam, cigarette butt, beverage bottle, polystyrene foam, balloon, food packaging, plastic bags, caps, other plastic packaging, shopping bags, and so on. Among them, the number of foam is in the lead, accounting for 62.26%; cigarette butt, food packaging, fast food packaging, caps, straws, beverage bottles, shopping bags and other common garbage accounted for 34.54%.


In addition, on the annual International Beach Cleaning Day, the volunteers will use the data card to record each picked up the garbage category. The activities of our country also used the "brand card", you can quickly traced back to the garbage sellers.


Interestingly, in this year's International Beach Clean-up Day event, they also found some strange garbage, such as the giant foam ball found in Guangzhou, the channel of garbage into the ocean is strange, a lot of garbage caused by people's carelessness and weak environmental awareness. So, has GREENMAX machine developed several styrofoam recycling solutions to remedy this risk such as polystyrene densifier and EPS compacting machine.