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Building insulation materials extruded board shady led industry

In order to "save" construction costs, construction companies and lawlessness glove manufacturers processing inferior "extruded board". On March 14, our first unveiled the extruded board industry, at the same time, on March 15, China central television (CCTV) is reported in the same subject matter of this new type of "hidden rules" of the construction industry. Extruded board, this kind of building "warm" into "combustion layer" problem caused strong repercussions in society."' rotten boards' driving normal product have no choice."Extruded board formal enterprise squealed;"Illegal products absolutely cannot flow into the market!"Department of industrial and commercial, quality control and wall to do also began to action, will be to "extruded board" problems existed in the industry inspection.

The case of the unqualified products of low price competition put our normal company bind!"On March 16, Lanzhou extruded board association, vice director unit, the head of the contact and journalists, on behalf of several normal company "complain" to the reporter. He said that at present Lanzhou extruded plate production enterprises have more than a dozen, but foreign companies are several times more. County the weak supervision of the enterprise, where the brown because these long-distance login enterprises in Lanzhou, in order to break into the market, began to low-priced dumping "omit" "advocate" flame retardants and inferior products.

Market there is no universal plate, cannot meet the provisions of the state of all the products are unqualified."On March 16, Lanzhou building energy-saving wall materials innovation office material inspection section chief says, the manufacturers to reduce costs in order to get more profit, to make the so-called "board". Ordinary plate does not conform to the production of the regulations of the state, to all the ceremonies of wall building materials, the division of different have different standard according to the height of building, but the minimum standards should be reached B2 (flammable but away from the fire out).For the product sales market, usually have sales price regulation, price cannot be lower than regulation."Now the price is lower than RMB 500 square meters of product, will buy cautiously".

Doesn’t flame retardant flame retardant board will hide enormous danger. Can never make fun of life!"An engineer admitted, tightly wrapped the building insulation coat "into fuel combustion" layer ", that for all users of the building and the whole society, it will be a great tragedy."Once burnt, cannot save, also too late to salvage; a point, will make the whole building becomes a burning torch."

"Almost all the building thermal insulation material is used, see the fire burning of inferior product is terrible, potential safety hazard we live in a house?"From 12315 the party newspaper and CCTV reported that extruded board industry, many people call this newspaper, puts forward his own concern, at the same time, hope the relevant departments to intensify law enforcement, hit the inferior products, "live a safe space."

"Regular products and general plate production process, not so different from appearance, just cut corners flame retardant the main material, in collusion with builders and factory orders industry the beer production."Engineer Wang believes that countries for extruded plate production specifications, standards, are all very perfect, but because of the lack of supervision link, leading to widespread irregularities on the market."Now is not only to regulate the construction industry for extruded board specification of this product is used, and, more importantly, how many building use violations and are using this product? Eliminate the threat of fire hazard, this is we need to face the problem."

Both public and experts, all the existing in the construction industry the shady, everyone wants, supervision departments at all levels to strike quickly, industry consolidation extruded board.