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based on domestic, import as supplement, is part of the resources environmental protection industry and circular economy. China each year, 15 million tons of recycling waste plastics is equal to save or reduce import 13 million tons of plastic raw materials, is equal to save or reduce import about 3000-4500, ten thousand tons of crude oil. 8 million tons of reusing waste plastics, as well as reduce landfill, reduces ethylene refining a large amount of CO2, SO2 emissions. Compared with the manufacturing plastic from crude oil, it still can save 70% of energy consumption. Waste plastics recycling utilization has become an important and beneficial supplement supply plastic raw materials, can effectively ease a shortage of resources. At present, recycled plastic recycling has been in promoting environmental protection, expand employment, tax increases, and play an important role in regional circular economy development, vigorously promote the energy conservation and emissions reduction work, to consolidate manufacturing in China low cost competitive advantage, development of circular economy for China's economic development, and make great contributions to environmental protection.

From waste plastics recycling and processing of the

pollution prevention into consideration, actively guide and support a batch of have the scale and level of waste plastics processing base, the phasing out of the factory, to improve the classification technology, will effectively reduce the pollution to the environment of recovery processing of waste plastics.

To measure the environmental impact of recycling of waste plastics mainly has four indicators, are solid waste, waste water, noise and exhaust gas. Focus on combining wastewater, waste gas and solid waste three indicators of economic and environmental benefits of the thorough analysis, pulse recycled and processing the sticking point of the process, provide the proposal, finally realizes the economic and environmental benefits win-win situation for the enterprise to provide the reference.