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Bubble compressor and called the polystyrene foam reduction machine, is according to the principle

of pressure produced by the rotation of screw extrusion foa


m plastics. When used, the operator as long as the bubble into the hopper, torn and broken through equipment institutions to break spiral compression, bubble produced by screw mechanism square block foam compression. It has multiplied reducing bubble size, density, foam recycling.

The earliest domestic manufacture is INTCO recycling which is also the best producer. The company manufacturing of EPS foam compactor, its principle is to use helical compression in


stitutions to EPS foam compressed into pieces. When used, the operator as long as the bubble into the hopper, machine with shredded foam pieces broken, then screw mechanism to small pieces of EPS foam extrusion into cross section for the compression of square block. The compaction machine employs the principle of cold pressing, compression process without heating specifically. Compression section of the front end with a pressure adjusting device, is used to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of the raw material, the compression ra


tio can be up to 30 ~ 50 times.

EPS compressor is used to reduce the ESP (expanded polystyrene foam) volume, reduce the transportation cost of EPS recycling equipment. It is also known as EPS/foam rubber/foaming capacity reduction or block making machine. EPS compressor is widely used in sea food processing factory, electronics factory, white goods and bla


ck goods stores and supermarkets. EPS compressor make the enterprise be recycled polystyrene foamed plastic, it not only solved the EPS recycling industry facing the past recycling large volume, high cost of transportation difficult problems, provides direction for industry development, also make the EPS recycling industry profits from now on.

INTCO recycling uses European technology independently to  research high-performance intelligent cold press machine, meanwhile it created its own brand-GreenMax, can specifically recycled EPS/EPE/EPP/XPS/PSP/PET and so on the many kinds of waste plastics. And commitment to long term recovery and compression at market prices good EPS/XPS/PSP waste plastics.