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1. The use of temperature

EPS foam maximum permissible temperature mainly depends on the time under the condition of heat by stress and size. On the premise of intact stress, EPS foam can reach 95 high temperature short time above. However, in some cases, such as asphalt PuTan or hot melt adhesive, a short time, contact temperature can be as high as 110 , EPS foam is also affordable. With the improvement of molding density, the thermal stability increased, and the maximum permissible use temperature did not change. In the case of without any stress, EPS foam maximum temperature is 85 .

Polystyrene foam structure is a kind of an amorphous plastics, glass transition temperature from 180 to 95 will not show the fundamental structural change, therefore, can be used at low temperature for a long time.

2. Mechanical properties

PS foam plastic deformation is increased with the increase of load time. Only two days after the production can reach its carrying capacity. Just out of the mould is sensitive to pressure parts, because of the bubble hole in the steam and condensation would result in a partial vacuum foaming agent, it will have to wait until after inhalation of air bubble hole can achieve pressure balance. Placed a period of time can let the residual spread foaming agent is necessary, because the product foaming agent has a softening effect.

EPS foam plastics as part of the rigid foamed plastics. Under the condition of load, it presents the viscoelasticity, this is a hard brittle materials. Bending strength, compression strength and tensile strength is proportional to the apparent density of EPS foam.