Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition

From February 23 to 26 in 2016, the 29th session the China - Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition and 2016 Shanghai International Children photography exhibition successfully staged in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the total area of exhibition is 120000 square meters, more than 750 powerful lineup exhibitors will appear with new face, continue to maintain the first global scale in similar exhibitions.
Intco Greenmax Invitation

According to the survey, the total amount of five urban children consumption is more than $47.5 billion, education expenditure accounted for 21.4% of entertainment, its development momentum is more rapid than wedding photography. With the growing maturity of the consumer market, Chinese wedding photography industry has become one of the most promising industries.
new arrival

Intco Greenmax participated in the exhibition in Shanghai. Recycling EPS have much more values and will bring the manufacturer more benefits. Also, the recycled EPS can be made into pellets after processing. In a word, recycled EPS can be made into so much useful products such as photo frames and save much more raw materials.

Looking to the high-end products:
3606# - the love of the city (M) series:
Light intoxicating eyes meet the drunk sleep on each other
The warm bosom who has drunk in the glittering red light
Difficult to understand your heart is still sad heart
In addition to the dance melody to the heart of infiltration
Intco framing

3331# - Two cities story series:
The whole winter golden light bulb surrounded the harbor
In your heart will not be reflected bright spring days
Back and forth thoughts fly with you
Without you, the world is a waste.
PS moulding

More exciting new products, please visit Intco GREENMAX booth!
Time: February 23, 2016 to 26
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Intco booth No.: E2B06
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