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EPS can be used for remanufacturing polystyrene: use a system of waste PS foam recycled EPS or molded foam products again, it should be said that the use of waste PS foam is the most reasonable direction. Because the waste polystyrene foam in addition to the surface by the pollution of the environment slightly metamorphic, internal still maintained the original properties of polystyrene foam, it created the conditions for many times and use. Only in this way, molding or manufacture EPS can best play in many aspects of the good qualities of polystyrene foam. Using waste polystyrene foamed EPS or molding has the following several ways: first, the solution polymerization. Dissolve waste foam materials in styrene monomer, adding dispersant make PS bead granular suspended in the water, the styrene solution of heat polymerization, then add foaming agent, continue to bead foaming materials made from the polymerization. Has the advantage of using waste to replace some of the styrene, can make the cost reduction, the disadvantage is that consumes styrene monomer,

PS surface cleanliness is not stable at the same effect on the activity of the initiator, it is difficult to produce uniform product. Secondly, the spheroidizing and foaming method. Is the universal polystyrene cut into cylindrical aggregate, suspended in the aqueous solution of dispersant and heating cylinder melt spheroidizing, temperature and pressure and foaming agent again, after cooling through filtering, washing and low temperature drying bead of this method is the key to the quality of raw material, otherwise difficult to guarantee the quality of the new system of EPS. Third, beads broken molding again. Is to choose suitable softener in liquid medium, surface active agent and defoaming agent, large pieces of waste PS foam selective crushing to the spherical bead, 4 -- 8 mm in diameter and foaming agent and then molded into foam products. This process is simple, consumes less additional material, mould manufactured goods in all kinds of physical properties and the original waste, close to, and small investment, benefits, is worth promoting.