To recycle Styrofoam needs a professional machine supplied by GREENMAX


Recently, a competition among students aiming at world environmental protection was organized on June 17th, in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Organized by Disney, this competition has called students to change their life together, in which, they need to experience what the Styrofoam recycling is by growing flowers and vegetables with waste foam boxes at home.


Till now, the number of participating students has risen up to more than 20,000. Accompanied by teachers and professors coming from INTCO China, the students in New World Experimental Primary School also took an active part in this Styrofoam recycling competition.


Specialized in Styrofoam recycling, INTCO felt quite pleased with the arrival of these students and gave a thorough explanation to them. For instance, there is about 2 million tons of waste Styrofoam in China, which needs 300 years to finish the degradation. As for the solutions, the waste Styrofoam is often disposed by burning or burying them in a landfill, which, however, is not an ideal method to recycle Styrofoam. Contrarily, the disposal by granulating the waste Styrofoam and then making the foam pellets into other products can significantly realize the waste foam recycling, and that’s what INTCO is doing right now.


Due to the unique characteristics of being bulky and light of the Styrofoam products, GREENMAX from INTCO has specially designed recycling machines, such as APOLO series compactors and MARS series functioning as densifiers. Both of these two kinds of machines can smash and then compress or heat the Styrofoam products into blocks or ingots in order to make these compressed or melted materials easy to store and transport, which, as a result, can perfectly finish the most critical step of Styrofoam recycling to largely reduce the bulky volume.

Moreover, INTCO recycling has also been committed to granulting recycled pellets from recycled Styrofoams with its professional granulating lines. It uses the best machine”EREMA” to granulate and its recycled PS pellets are with high quality and stability, which can be applied into making other products. Thus there is no doubt that Styrofoam recycling through GREENMAX ought to be highly appreciated and advocated.