GREENMAX joins hands with LOVERE to promote foam recycling in the "Integration of Two Networks"

As one of the first central urban areas in Shanghai, China to promote waste classification throughout the region, Yangpu District is actively creating a demonstration zone for domestic waste classification in Shanghai, and has basically established a management system for classified collection-transportation-disposal of domestic waste. In addition, it actively guides market players to promote the new recycling model of "Integration of Two Networks", and the effect of waste reduction is significant.

The "Integration of Two Networks" refers to the integration of the domestic waste classification collection and transportation system and the domestic renewable resource recycling system. To put it bluntly, it is to realize the unified classified trading, classified collection and transportation, and resource recycling of domestic renewable resources and other types of domestic waste. Yangpu District, Shanghai, China is actively building an "Integration of Two Networks" system, promoting the construction of "points, stations, and yards" of recyclables, and improving the level of domestic waste reduction and resource utilization.

LOVERE has set up a large sorting center in Yangpu District, which mainly sorts, packs, and transfers the recyclables of residents. At present, waste paper, waste textiles, PET plastic bottles, HDPE plastic bottles, glass, and metal have all been effectively sorted and recycled. Only the discarded white EPS foam has no solution, which makes the local government and residents quite a headache.

At the IFAT exhibition last year, Mr. Huang of LOVERE, after seeing the prototype of the GREENMAX EPS Compactor, said that this machine is exactly what they need to recycle waste EPS foam. According to LOVERE, they have also used EPS Compactor made by small domestic factories before. Although the price is low, the failure rate is extremely high. The machine silo is often hot-melted and agglomerated, which greatly affects work efficiency and the on-site 5S environment, and also generates potential safety hazards. 

After a series of inspections and comparisons, LOVERE purchased Apolo C100 basic EPS Compactor from GREENMAX at the end of May 2021 and placed it in their sorting center in Yangpu District. Compared with other EPS machines for compacting EPS foam waste, GREENMAX EPS Compactor has many excellent properties, such as faster discharging and forming lower noise, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and long continuous working time, which can solve the defects of thermal fusion. Besides, GREENMAX EPS Compactors are all PLC fully automatic control, machine parameter debugging can be solved remotely, which greatly improves the efficiency of after-sales service.

At present, this site in Yangpu District, Shanghai is only a pilot. In the future, LOVERE will implement more transfer stations and sorting center projects across the country. GREENMAX will definitely work with LOVERE to help solve the white foam pollution.