GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier MARS C50 Thermal Densifier | Plastic Foam Melter

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier Mars series (Hot Melting Machine) is specialized in compacting EPS &EPE Foam and could save large space offering you convenience. Mars series compacts high-qualified EPS&EPE Foam material and it is easy to transport. INTCO Recycling Supply Styrofoam Densifier M-C50 for Foam recycling and Buy Back Foam Blocks.

Applicable materials include EPS, EPP, PSP, XPS, PSP/food trays and cups.


Throughput: 50kg/h
Production Capacity: 110lbs/h
EPS&EPE Compression Ratio: 90:1
Compressed EPS&EPE Density: 600-800kg/m3
Motor Power: 7.5kw


Saving: Save cost and space by compressing your EPS Foam or Polyethylene Foam reducing waste hauling;
Benefit: We Buy Back all your Compacted EPS Foam;
Environment Responsibility:  Earn public relations points as a green business;
Ease of Use: Simple, Safe, One-person operation

Styrofoam Densifier Video: