ACI Chemicals- Recycling Program Integration Company in South Korea has cooperated with GREENMAX to achieve mobile EPS recycling

ACI Chemicals Asia Inc. (ACI케미칼), is a well-known recycling program integration specialist in South Korea, specializing in engineering, production, installation, operation and AS service of the waste management machines.

In the past few years, ACI has helped various regional governments in South Korea to establish recycling centers, and cooperated with GREENMAX in 2019, purchasing a vehicle-mounted EPS compactor to realize its mobile EPS recycling program.

In 2019, ACI won the target of the government's recycling program on Jeju Island, South Korea, and began to help the region design the EPS foam recycling program. Due to its special geographical location, transportation is limited on the Island. However, the island’s tourism industry has developed well and brought a lot of visitors, which has increased the demand for fruits and vegetables in the local area. As we know, fruits, vegetables, and seafood are usually packed with EPS foam to avoid damage during the transportation process, which causes a large amount of white EPS foam waste accumulated on the island.

ACI has noticed this, so after communicating with our engineer team, GREENMAX specially designed a mobile EPS compactor A-C100 that can be put on a truck for ACI, combined with the special geographical location of Jeju Island: inconvenient transportation and scattered recycling centers.

This vehicle-mounted EPS recycling system can put the traditional EPS compactor on a truck, and the truck carries this mobile EPS recycling equipment at the recycling centers of various vegetable and fruit markets in Jeju Island to compress a large amount of EPS packaging produced every day timely and effectively.

At the end of 2020, Mr. Harison, Director of ACI, told GREENMAX team that the Jeju Island government was very satisfied with the equipment and the mobile EPS recycling solution provided by GREENMAX.

Currently, this vehicle-mounted GREENMAX EPS compactor helps Jeju Island deal with about 800kg of EPS waste scattered everywhere. These EPS waste were previously discarded at random due to geographical dispersion and inconvenient transportation and even flowed into the ocean, causing serious white pollution. As a famous tourist attraction in South Korea, Jeju Island is very distressed by the EPS waste. Now, with the joint efforts of ACI and GREENMAX, nearly 800kg of EPS has been effectively recycled per day. The compressed EPS blocks will be finally sent to the EPS recycling and manufacturing plant in South Korea to make new plastic products.