The Largest Retailer in Malaysia - SENHENG Took Advantage of Styrofoam Melting Machine for Recycling Project

SENHENG is the largest retailer in Malaysia with a total of 110 stores and 10 logistics warehouses throughout Malaysia. In 2018, the turnover was as high as nearly 1.3 billion, and the top four best-selling products were smartphones, TVs, refrigerators and washing machines. In 2019, SENHENG started their Styrofoam recycling in Malaysia.

For large appliances such as TVs, refrigerators and washing machines, SENHENG will have a dedicated logistics installation team to help customers distribute and install and the removed Styrofoam packaging materials will be brought back to the warehouse.

In the past, SENHENG cooperated with local recyclers, but because the time for local recyclers to come is not fixed, they often do not mention it in time causing them to have a large inventory problem. Although this Styrofoam is light in weight, it occupies a large space. If the recycler cannot come to take the Styrofoam scraps within one to two weeks, then it is a disaster for the warehouse, so SENHENG has decided to do the Styrofoam recycling project by themselves.

Fortunately, in 2019, SENHENG contacted GREENMAX and found it greener and environmentally friendly in Styrofoam recycling and provide services throughout the recycling industry chain. In other words, GREENMAX not only provides recycling equipment, like Styrofoam melting machine but also purchases compressed foam to produce environmentally friendly photo frames or other architectural decoration products.

This solution is just in line with the green environmental protection concept which has always been pursued by SENHENG, and also demonstrates their company's sense of social responsibility.

Therefore, as soon as the Styrofoam recycling solution provided by GREENMAX was received, SENHENG immediately placed a Styrofoam melting machine, and successfully obtained it in October 2019. After the installation and training of GREENMAX engineers, SENHENG's Styrofoam melting machine works very well. It only needs to be turned on once or twice a week to solve all the foam problems of SENHENG, which greatly saves the warehouse Space.