Kauno Silas - One of the Largest Styrofoam Producers in Lithuania Responded to the Call of EU Government to Realize the Reuse of Construction Styrofoam Waste

Styrofoam is a very cost-effective building insulation material. In Poland, 90% of Styrofoam is applied to the field of building insulation. In addition to Poland, the Baltic region, and the whole of Europe, there is a great demand for Styrofoam building insulation. All buildings require insulation treatment, which has led to the great demand of Styrofoam in the field of building insulation. As a result, the process of Styrofoam waste, especially Styrofoam construction waste, has become prominent.

There are many Styrofoam manufacturers in the Baltic region. The main products are Styrofoam building insulation boards. Their own production lines generate a lot of Styrofoam waste which can be reuse again very easy. But from their customers and the convertor companies, the processes of Styrofoam waste are not so easy.

One of the largest EPS producers in Lithuania, Kauno Silas is facing difficulties in Styrofoam recycling. Now more and more customers are asking them to take back Styrofoam waste, but their production lines can’t be reused so much. The EU government is increasingly stricter and more stringent in controlling and requiring all Styrofoam manufacturers to see their Effective recycling.

In 2018, Kauno Silas found GREENMAX and learned about its Styrofoam compactor. After various negotiations, in 2019, Kauno silas successfully installed a GREENMAX A-C300 Styrofoam compactor with the help of GREENMAX Poland's after-sales service team. Now, Kauno silas Can recycle Styrofoam scraps from its customers without any pressure, and compress them with GREENMAX A-C300 Styrofoam compactor, and then sell the compressed blocks to GREENMAX to produce photo frames to achieve effective recycling and reuse of Styrofoam waste, avoiding the trend of these construction waste, the fate of incineration and landfill.

Nowadays, more and more Baltic Styrofoam producers, are required by EU policy, recycle their Styrofoam waste. GREENMAX is also committed to helping more Styrofoam producers to solve the problem of Styrofoam recycling. Act as a Styrofoam buyer at the same time, GREENMAX not only provides Styrofoam compactor but also purchases these Styrofoam waste materials for processing and make exquisite photo frames to realize the reuse of construction Styrofoam waste.