The United States Waste Furniture Styrofoam Packaging Recycling
Greenmax in the United States

In the American furniture transportation company, EPS is a very good anti vibration packaging material such as appliance foam package and furniture foam package, they often produce a large number of waste EPS foam during the furniture transportation process .The company bought the APOLO series and Mars series machines to compress large size and lightweight EPS material. Green Max can help them to make beautiful eps compacted and melted blocks! The compacted EPS is easy to handle or convenient to transport if recycle or buy or sell.

EPS can be seen everywhere. The commonly seen packages of domestic appliance foam package, furniture foam package, artware and fast food are all EPS because the Styrofoam is light in weight. Also, polystyrene packaging belongs to the thermal insulation material and it is widely used. The furniture foam package , appliance foam package and the boxes containing the fishes or fruits are also made of EPS. However, they are disposable, easily becoming the white pollution, so recycling polystyrene packaging especially appliance foam package recycling and furniture foam package recycling is very necessary to protect our environment.

GREENMAX APOLO Series is very professional in recycling polystyrene packaging. and can help you to reduce the volume of EPS waste up to 50:1. Some people choose to put the recycling styrofoam packaging into landfills or burn EPS material, but this action have much pollution on air, water and soil. But GREENMAX APOLO Series can recycle polystyrene packaging into tight block and the compacted EPS appliance foam package can be reused. As a result, the pollution and resource condition will be improved and changed much.